Students Develop New Leadership Council Model

By Mairead Mark, Staff Writer

The student government model has changed this year in order to accommodate the growing student body. In previous years, every student participated in one of the five leadership councils, but this year each council will consist of a few members from each class based on class size.

Students were invited to formally announce their interest in being a member of one of the councils, and elections were planned but were not needed this year.

“Although we did not have to have elections for each of the councils, the number [of interested students] we received was the number we were looking for,” said Kristy Geoghan, faculty advisor of student government.

The five leadership councils for the 2016-2017 school year are Academics, Athletics, Campus Social Life, Creative Arts and S.C.O.P.E (Service, Community Outreach, and Prayer are Essential). The core council, consisting of the student body president and vice president and the four class presidents, had many discussions in order to develop the model of the five councils that they believed would best serve the school’s community.

“We plan for this new model to remain the same for the school years to come,” said Kailin BurnsCohen, junior class president. “We believe it lays the foundation needed for the success of our student government vision.”

In addition to the council members, six council presidents were elected that would lead each group. Three of the presidents ran unopposed, and the other three were elected by members of their respective council. This year’s council presidents are Alexa Alverio (S.C.O.P.E), Reilly BurnsCohen (Athletics), Nicole Calandrino (Campus Social Life), Caroline Gmelich (Academics), and Nicole LoRusso and Hailey Hartnett (Creative Arts).

“I think that the people who ran for the councils have a passion for each of those different areas, so that’s important that they are involved in each of them,” Geoghan said. She also believes the lower number of members in each council compared to previous years “gives more ownership to the individuals in the council that they have to take the lead on events, come up with new ideas and solve the problems.”

Junior Bridget Andree, who is a part of the S.C.O.P.E. council this year, is excited to collaborate with her council members. “Everyone wants to make their council the best council possible,” Andree said.

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