Sailing Team Prepares for Varsity Spring Season

By Grace Kenney, Staff Writer

The sailing team, coached by Hillary Clauss, has shown vast improvement since starting as a club sport last spring by regularly finishing in the top five out of 20 teams in regattas this fall. Additionally, the growing team, which added three new members to its roster this year, will be officially considered a varsity sport this spring.

In preparation for the more competitive upcoming season, this fall the team practiced with Clauss at the Shrewsbury Yacht Club on Mondays and participated in the weekly Wednesday Regatta series in Toms River. As the girls practice on the water, they teach inexperienced newcomers sophomore Claire Darman and freshman Alex Chrystal the ropes of sailing.

“I couldn’t be more thankful for Coach Hillary and my teammates. They were helpful in explaining and ensuring that I understood what to do,” Darman said.


Junior Kailin B. and sophomore Julia H. sail during a series race in Toms River, NJ. Photo courtesy of Hillary Clauss

Currently the team competes in a conference called the Inter-Scholastic Sailing Association (ISSA), which includes schools from all over the country. Despite not having a full team, Holly Koerwer, a founding member, notes the team’s success.

“We are all sailors with experience in different ways. We have no egos and try to be the best we can together while still having fun,” Koerwer said.

Clauss agrees that their teamwork makes her job rewarding. “They are a hard working team full of dedication, and working with them at practice or at a regatta is one of the things I look forward to most,” Clauss said.

In the near future, the sailing team hopes to gain more sailors and become more stable as a varsity sport.

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