Students Conduct Their First Student Government Election

By Nicole LoRusso, Editor-in-Chief

The Trinity Hall community created another historic moment when it held the school’s first election for student body president and vice president during the last week in September, with sophomores Pallavi Kawatra and Abby Marcin earning the positions of president and vice president, respectively.

“When she [Head of School Mary Sciarillo] told us we won, I was completely blown away. I felt really accomplished because I was going into sophomore year not expecting great things,” said Kawatra, who was one of four candidates to run for president. In order to win either position, the candidates needed to earn a majority (more than 50 percent) of the votes cast by the entire student body after giving speeches during a community meeting.

Sophomores Abby Marcin and Pallavi Kawatra were elected student body Vice President and President, respectively, in the school's first student council elections in September.  Photo by Alexandria Principe

Sophomores Abby M. and Pallavi K. were elected student body vice president and president, respectively, in the school’s first student council elections in September.
Photo by Alexandria Principe

Of the three vice presidential candidates, Marcin won in the first election, and Kawatra won in a run-off.

“I liked the run-offs, and I thought the process was fair because everyone had their voice heard,” sophomore Kaitlyn Vogel said.

As Kawatra and Marcin work to improve all aspects of the community, they will be working hand-in-hand with the chairs of the five student government councils who were elected by students in early October. Each of the five councils (academics, athletics, campus ministry, community life and creative arts) now has a sophomore (listed first) and freshman chair: Caroline Gmelich and Lauren Joyce for academics, Brianne Dwyer and Bridget Andree for athletics, Kaitlyn Vogel and Kate Burgess for campus ministry,  Chloe Toole and Gina Rienzo for community life, and Sarah Frankel and Jacqueline Munro for creative arts.

Kawatra, Marcin and the council leaders want the students to keep in mind they are always listening and hoping for new ideas to help improve the community and school life.

“I always try to listen to and respect everyone’s thoughts so that all students can have a say in what decisions are made,” Kawatra said.

Likewise, the student government leaders have already taken some of the suggestions of the student body and put them into action; for instance, their proposal to make the navy and gray Trinity Hall fleeces part of the school uniform was recently approved by faculty.

Kaitlyn Vogel and Kate Burgess, the newly-elected Campus Ministry Council chairs, discuss plans for the upcoming year.  Photo by Alexandria Principe

Kaitlyn V. and Kate B., the newly-elected campus ministry council chairs, discuss plans for the upcoming year.
Photo by Alexandria Principe

“People wanted more dress down days, which we have discussed with Mrs. Sciarrillo, and adding study hall is being brought up as well,” Kawatra said of future plans.

Each individual council has begun focusing on the work they want to accomplish, as they communicate with the student body to decide what has to be addressed.

“I’m looking forward to being able to work with all my fellow students to better the arts program at Trinity Hall,” Munro said.

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