Class of 2021 Elects Its First Council Members

By Bridget Andree, Layout Editor

The freshman class of 2021 held its first student council speeches and elections on Oct. 6 and Oct. 11. The election days were split due to the class’s high level of interest in student government.

Their active participation in the election process makes freshman class advisor, Assistant Head of School James Palmieri, confident in their leadership skills. “The percentage of students who applied for council leadership positions was quite high, and the speeches they delivered were inspiring – and reassuring,” said Palmieri.

frosh council - amorreale

Fifteen freshmen were recently elected to represent the Class of 2021 in student councils. Pictured above are six of them (L to R): Jackie C., Maggie C., Skylar A., Caitlin R., Jordan C. and Valentina P. (Photo by Alyssa Morreale)

The freshman council consists of 15 members; three students elected to each of the five councils. The freshmen elected Jacqueline Chafart, Brynn McGuiness and Caitlin Ramos to the Academics Council; Jordan Codispoti, Allison Lawson and Gabriella Sorrentino to the Athletics Council; Abbey Skylar, Meredith Sheftel and Dianna Whaley to the Creative Arts Council; Meredith Farrington, Valentina Paz and Cecilia Peters to the Campus Social Life Council; and Vienna Chafart, Maggie Crowe and Morgan Kogan to the SCOPE Council. The elected students are ready to take action on at their first council meetings each cycle Day 3.

“I was surprised and excited to have been elected to the council, and I look forward to bettering the Trinity Hall community, especially through organizing peer tutoring groups and writing centers,” McGuinness said on her election to the Academics Council.

While the elections only allow 15 freshmen to represent their peers in student government, leadership at Trinity Hall extends far beyond these council positions. All students are welcome to offer their ideas and insights, no matter their involvement in student government. The goal of the five councils are to carry forth ideas constructed by the student body as a whole, and the freshmen council is just one channel of representation. Later this year, the freshmen class will elect its class president.

The Class of 2021 is another indication that the Trinity Hall student body has a bright future ahead,” said Palmieri.


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