Newly Elected Core Council Members Express Excitement to Serve Next Year

By Angelica Niedermeyer, News Editor

In the past two months, students from all grades had the opportunity to run for student council positions for the 2018-2019 school year. These positions included student body president, student body vice president, class presidents, and leaders of each of the five councils (Academics, Arts, Athletics, Community Life and SCOPE). After listening to each candidate’s speech, the students cast their ballots.

Once all of the students’ votes were counted, junior Colleen Cusat was elected as president of the student body and junior Abigail Devine as vice president. “I wanted to have a bigger part in the Trinity Hall community and a greater impact on my fellow classmates,” Cusat said. “I felt that running for student body president was the best way to achieve my goals. I have run for a council position in all my three years here. I was an athletic council representative since freshman year.”


Former student body president Bridget A. (right) officially passes the baton to newly elected president Colleen C. (left) at the induction of the new student council on May 29. (Photo by Alyssa Morreale)

“I want to be a leader at my school and core council allows me to do that,” Devine said. “I want to create more opportunities for the big sister/little sister program and add onto Royal Rumble.”

The newly elected class presidents are Katie Venezia for the rising seniors, Patti Frees for the rising juniors and Charlotte Walsh for the rising sophomores. The new leaders of the councils are rising seniors Grace Kenney (Athletics), Kathryn Ortenzio (Community Life), Diana Ramos (SCOPE), Hannah Reynolds (Academics) and Allie Witek (Arts). Ramos wishes to bring back some old traditions to the SCOPE council, like prayers in the morning, and to reinforce caring for the community and service participation.

“I feel like we could do so much more…and just try to make it fun. This is what makes Trinity Hall unique,” Ramos said.

“I loved being a part of the core council this past year because it’s a fantastic way to express the needs and opinions of the student body in an organized fashion,” said Frees, who served as sophomore class president this year. “I’m most looking forward to getting together with my fellow council members and brainstorming fun, new activities to incorporate into the daily routines of Trinity Hall students.”

Whether it’s a field day to represent the Monarch Nation, a competitive big sister/little sister contest or another Royal Rumble Event, all of the newly elected council members have one thing on their mind that Cusat expressed: “Helping my fellow classmates have the best high school experience possible.”

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