Student Council Introduces the Royal Rumble

By Brigid Clifford, Editor-in-Chief

The Royal Rumble is the newest addition to the ever-growing list of traditions at Trinity Hall. The Core Council, composed of seniors Bridget Andree, Diana Bilotta, Brigid Clifford, Olivia DeNicola, Jackie Fletcher, Hailey Hartnett, Catherine Loder and Gina Rienzo, junior Katie Venezia and sophomore Patti Frees, worked together to develop the competition aimed to increase school spirit, participation and camaraderie.

royal rumble k. lambrou

Students from Advisory 6 show off their Royal Rumble bandanas that they decorated during advisory meetings on Sept. 12. (Photo courtesy of Kali Lambrou)

The Core Council met several times over the summer break to develop the program and outline its goals. They divided the student body and faculty into two teams: the Blue Team and the Orange Team. Students who graduate in an even year (2018, 2020) and faculty who were born in an even year are members of the Blue Team while those who were born in or graduate in an odd year are on the Orange Team.

“It was very exciting to plan the Royal Rumble because we were starting a tradition that we hope will last far beyond our graduation. We felt that it was us leaving our mark on Trinity Hall,” Loder said.

Throughout the course of the school year, the two teams will compete to earn the most points for their team in hopes of winning the Queen’s Cup. Points are earned for respective teams by attending sports games, contributing to service, participating in productions and more. Each council (Athletics, Academics, Campus Social Life, Creative Arts and SCOPE) will host events and competitions in which students and faculty can gain points for their teams.

“I think it will encourage more participation and make things fun because they [students and faculty] are competitive,” said activities coordinator Melissa Whelan.

Students and faculty alike are enthusiastic about the Royal Rumble and how it will impact the community. “I am really excited about [the Royal Rumble], and I believe it’s bringing more passion and pride to Trinity Hall,” sophomore Colleen Kelly said.

The Orange and Blue teams have already begun to rack up points through participation in three service events (Cardboard Box City, Boot Camp and Red Bank Crop Walk) and attendance at sports games. As of Oct. 16, the Orange Team led the friendly competition with 122 points while the Blue Team had 100.

There are big plans and hopes for the future of the Royal Rumble. “In its inaugural year I hope for the Royal Rumble will unite the student body, provide an outlet for fun and healthy competition, and increase participation in school activities and the Trinity Hall community’s sense of Monarch Pride,” Andree said.

“I think the Royal Rumble is something that will be a legacy lasting beyond just this year,” Whelan said.

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