Students Elect 2015-2016 Student Council Representatives

By Nicole LoRusso, Editor-In-Chief

Throughout the month of November, student council elections took place for the student body president and vice president, three class presidents and five council representatives for each class. The model is similar to last year’s but was slightly modified to suit the needs of a growing student body.

“Our student government system has to keep evolving as the student body grows. Each year we will look at the model for improvements,” said Kristy Geoghan, director of development, who oversees the student government. “Each student has an opinion on the subject allowing us to see what worked and what needs to be improved.”

The current system allows for representation of the student body as a whole from the president and vice president, who will work together with the class presidents to ensure that everyone’s opinions are being heard. During class meetings, the class presidents will lead their peers in discussing issues of concern, suggestions for improvement and new ideas.

Juniors Chloe T. (left) and Abby Marcin (right) wer elected student body president and vice president, respectively, for the 2015-16 school year. Photo by Nicole LoRusso.

Juniors Chloe T. (left) and Abby M. (right) were elected student body president and vice president, respectively, for the 2015-16 school year. Photo by Nicole LoRusso.

“Everyone has the opportunity to speak up about any problems or recommendations they may have. Having a student body President and Vice Presidents with specific roles to oversee the government helps keep the government organized,” said Geoghan.

The candidates for student body president and vice president gave speeches at a community meeting, after which all students cast ballots in a confidential voting process. Junior Chloe Toole was elected school president, and junior Abby Marcin was chosen as school vice president.

“I was motivated to run for student body president because I felt that I was qualified for the position. I have been a part of student council since middle school so I wanted to continue being a part of student council,” Toole said. “I feel like I have a lot to offer to the position. Last year, I experienced actually taking the lead on events with the help of Dr. [James] Palmieri [as class representative of] the community life council. I am ready to take the lead for the whole school and achieve a lot this year. I also feel that I am fit for this position because I can talk to the teachers about our concerns and our plans as a student body.”

Toole and Marcin will work hand-in-hand with the three class presidents, who were elected by their classmates after giving speeches during a class meeting: Junior Lily Scott, sophomore Kailin BurnsCohen and freshman Kathryn Ortenzio.

“I am looking forward to leading the inaugural class into our final years here at Trinity Hall,” Scott said. “All I want for my classmates is to feel like that their last two years at Trinity Hall are the best that they have ever had and that they will remember sharing such a unique experience with an extraordinary group of young women. I plan on accomplishing these goals by hosting weekly or monthly class meetings and gathering everyone’s input on current school circumstances. I also intend on having class-wide bonding events so by the time we leave Trinity Hall we will want to come back to visit to see one another after we graduate. From this, I hope the class of 2017 will leave a permanent mark on Trinity Hall as its first graduating class. And finally, after already having two class meetings, it is evident that the inaugural class wants to improve upon our shared leadership system as well as clarifying the school’s grading system. As a result of only two meetings, it is evident that the class of 2017 wants to ensure that Trinity Hall’s successs for years to come.”


Freshman Annie P. votes for student government officials during elections in November. Photo by Grace Kenney.

The government is further divided into five councils: academics, athletics, campus ministry, community life and creative arts. Every student participates in one council based on her preferences, and each council has three representatives – one from each grade – who were elected by their classmates to lead council meetings and meet with other student government representatives periodically. The councils will held their first meetings of the school year on Nov. 30, and the community life council already has been busy planning the semi-formal taking place on Dec. 5.

“I like how with the student government system everybody plays a part in something that interests them. I am on the Community Life Council for the third year in a row, and I love getting the chance to plan social events, such as the semi-formal, ice skating night and more,” junior Kelly Jennings said.

“The elected student government leaders have big individual roles but an even greater responsibility to be a part of the community and to work with their fellow classmates to sufficiently represent the students,” said Geoghan.

Student Council Officials for 2015-16:

Student Body President: Chloe Toole

Student Body Vice President: Abby Marcin

Class Presidents:

         Lily Scott (11)

         Kailin Burns Cohen (10)

         Kathryn Ortenzio (9)

Council Representatives:


         Caroline Gmelich (11)

         CC Jakub (10)

         Hannah Reynolds (9)


         Grace Modderman (11)

         Catherine Loder (10)

         Colleen Cusat (9)

    Campus Ministry:

         Alexa Alverio (11)

         Alex Principe (10)

         Madison Huber (9)

    Community Life:

         Lilly McCann (11)

         Gina Rienzo (10)

         Anna Phillips (9)

    Creative Arts:

        Nicole LoRusso (11)

        Kate Burgess (10)

        Abigail Devine (9)

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