Student Body Elects New Core Council

By Leighton Van Wagner, Staff Writer

As the school year came to a close, the community prepared for its next year by electing new representatives to the core council. Students ran for student body president and vice president; the Academics, Athletics, Arts, Community Life and SCOPE councils chairs; and class president positions. Candidates completed intent to run forms, gave speeches and were voted in by their peers.

Rising senior Colleen Kelly was elected to replace graduate Colleen Cusat as the new student body president. Kelly expressed her enthusiasm and excitement for her upcoming term. “I can’t wait to help be the voice of the students to ensure that their ideas and desires are being heard,” Kelly said.

Rising junior Lucy Retterer has assumed the role of student body vice president, formerly held by graduate Abigail Devine. The position is offered to both rising seniors and juniors, and Retterer is the first rising junior to be elected as the student body vice president.

Next year’s class presidents will be rising senior Patti Frees, rising junior Charlotte Walsh and rising sophomore Hannah Doherty. Frees and Walsh were re-elected by their peers, and Doherty was elected in January.

Rising seniors had the opportunity to serve as council chairs for the school’s five councils, which consist of three representatives from each grade. Rising seniors Whitney Butterfield, Hope Caucino, Sophia Hegel, Annabelle Kaeli and Caitlin Wingertzahn will lead the Academics, Community Life, SCOPE, Arts and Athletics councils, respectively.

Butterfield was inspired by last year’s core council, who motivated her to participate more in the community. “After being able to experience all that the previous chairs did to grow this council into the helpful resource it is today, I wanted to follow in their footsteps. It is important to be a part of something that is so essential to our community,” she said.

Kelly is excited to work with her classmates on the core council. “I’m so thrilled to see what we as a core council can achieve.”

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