Tribune Welcomes New Editors and Leaders

By Paige Jaenicke, Editor-in-Chief

Top from left to right: Eleanor O. ’23, Blaire S. ’23, Fiona Corrigan ’23, Elizabeth F. ’25, Cadence Z. ’24; bottom from left to right: Allison U. ’24, Caroline Miele ’24, Paige J. ’23

The Trinity Hall Tribune is excited to welcome aboard an entirely new team of editors and leaders for the 2022-2023 school year.  The Newspaper Club is open to students of all grades with varying levels of journalism experience.  A select few among its dedicated members- who have demonstrated achievement in prior years and past issues- were chosen by the Editor-in-Chief, Paige Jaenicke ‘23, and the junior leaders, Allison Urbanski ‘24 and Caroline Miele ‘24, to serve in higher roles.  The Tribune leadership team, who is joined by the expertise of faculty advisors Ms. Kerri Maltese and Ms. Cindy Sobieski, informed the editors of their appointments early in the school year.  The group was eager to begin writing the first publication of the new year, and even attended a conference at Rutgers University (the Garden State Scholastic Press Association’s Fall Press Day), in order to broaden their understanding of sparking interest within the school community, the field of journalism itself, as well as web design and layout.

Senior Blaire Sheftel ‘23 is the Tribune’s latest News Editor.  After being a member and staff writer for the Tribune over the past three years, Sheftel understands the responsibilities of her new title and looks forward to working with club members under the category.  She will be joined by sophomore Olivia Colangelo, Assistant News Editor.

“I find it gratifying to be news editor because I am now able to help new members workshop their pieces and grow as writers,” said Sheftel.  “I looked to seniors in this role when I was an underclassman, so this opportunity is exciting as I finally can return the favor.  My writing skills have improved drastically over the course of my four years, and I am ready to continue working hard and learn new skills.”

Fellow senior Fiona Corrigan ‘23 joins the Tribune team as the Opinions Editor.  Being a student leader of the Trinity Hall Political Science Club, Corrigan brings to the newspaper a strong skill set for argumentative writing and respect for opposing viewpoints.  Corrigan has also been a member of the Tribune since her freshman year. She plans to continue the legacy of hard work that Trinity Hall alumni put forward in previous years, especially since the leadership of the upperclassmen made an impeccable impression on her when she was a new staff member in 2019.

“Being able to have the opportunity to be the Opinions Editor is super exciting,” said Corrigan.  “As someone who wants to write as a career, I am really enthusiastic about gaining experience in this new role.  It is so great to write alongside other students who share the same passion for writing as I do.”

The role of Sports Editor has been taken on by junior Cadence Zink ‘24.  An avid member of the Trinity Hall cross country and track teams, Zink is excited to share her passion for athletics with the Tribune this year.  She will be joined by sophomore Ana Centro ‘25, the Tribune’s Assistant Sports Editor.

Senior Eleanor O’Connor ‘23, who was an assistant of past editors, has earned the official title of Photography Editor.  O’Connor enjoys taking pictures at Trinity Hall school events, Royal Rumble activities, and sports games. She will bring her passion for photography into all Tribune issues and publications this year.

Elizabeth Farrington ‘25, the youngest member of the Tribune leadership team, has been given the role of Features Editor.  The job was entrusted to Farrington as an underclassman because of her dedication to producing quality writing and commitment to attending meetings as a freshman.

The leadership team of the Tribune is excited to produce and publish seasonal issues that will spark interest and bring light to the art of journalism within the Trinity Hall community.

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