2022-2023 Student Council Positions Announced

By Allison Urbanski & Caroline Miele, Staff Writers

And the results are in! Sophia Almeida, Class of ’23, was elected student body president. Almeida served as the junior class president for the 2021-22 school year and was an amazing leader for her peers. 

Outgoing student body president, Dayra Mejia-Reyes passes the torch to new student body president, Sophia Almeida, at the end-of-year council induction ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Fellow classmate Molly Mark said, “Sophia is an amazing leader who truly cares about each and every one of her classmates.” Almeida is a member of the gymnastics, winter track, and spring track teams. She served as the only junior captain for both track seasons, displaying her natural leadership abilities. 

When asked about her plans for the future, Almeida said, “I am so honored to be taking up the role of Student Body President this upcoming year. As I am coming into my role now, I have many ideas and plans in the works for this upcoming school year. I look forward to working with, and helping, the community transition back to the normalcy that was ‘pre-covid’ and I would like to make this year as productive and fun as possible!”

Eileen Bergin will serve alongside Almeida as the student body vice president. Although this is Bergin’s first year on student council, she is a promising candidate because she has so many great and innovative ideas. Bergin is an active member of the Trinity Hall community. She participates in cross country, swim, spring track, various clubs, and leadership opportunities. Bergin is known for having a great amount of spirit and positivity, which she exhibits to her classmates and teammates. 

“I am excited to be working alongside my best friend, and to see all the amazing things we will accomplish together,” Bergin said. 

Senior class president Catharine Little contributed her attributes at the end-of-year council induction ceremony, as the outgoing student body vice president. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Catharine Little has been elected the senior class president for the 2022-23 school year. Little served as the vice president of the student body for the 2021-22 school year. Although she will not be the vice president again for her senior year, she will continue to be a crucial member of the core council. Little is a key member of the golf team, placing first overall in the Monmouth County Championship this year. She was a part of the teams who had won back to back Shore Conference and Monmouth County Championships. Little is known for being optimistic throughout hard times, which is a compelling trait for a president. 

Jordyn Talucci has been elected the junior class president for the 2022-23 school year. Talucci served as an Academic Council representative for the Class of ‘24 for the past two years and has played a critical role in improving Trinity Hall. Talucci was a member of the soccer team in the fall, and is one of the leading ladies on the golf team. She helped lead her team to a third place finish in the golf sectionals and her team has been number one in the Shore Conference for the past two years. Talucci has a bubbly personality that lifts the spirits of her classmates whenever they need it. 

Emily Rae Johns has been elected as sophomore class president for the 2022-23 school year. Johns participated as an Arts Council representative for the freshman class this past year. As a freshman, Johns is already an active member of the Trinity Hall community and has been an astounding role model for her peers. She played Harry Potter in the Queen’s Court Company production of Puffs and was featured as an ensemble member in their production of Twelfth Night: The Musical. In addition, Johns is a member of the Trinity Hall varsity golf team. Johns is a kind, approachable, and ambitious leader with a spark for change. She is ready and willing to make voices heard and ignite ideas among her peers. She looks forward to serving the Class of ‘25 this upcoming school year.

Jacqueline Bradley will serve as the Academic Council Chair next year. The Academic Council representatives include Frankie BurnsCohen (‘23), Mary Hayser (‘23), Brooke Rodricks (‘23), Ashley Hall (‘24), Jacqueline Pena-Gomez (‘24), Cadence Zink (‘24), Olivia Colangelo (‘25), Kate Cusick (‘25), and Tessa Scalzo (‘25). 

Outgoing and incoming student body council participated in an induction ceremony to thank the outgoing council and formally introduce the new council to the community. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Fiona O’Brien will be the Arts Council Chair next fall. The Arts Council representatives include Fionna Corrigan (‘23), Isabelle Darman (‘23), Leah Marchetti (‘23), Maebh McCarthy (‘24), Greta Senft (‘24), Grace Sullivan (‘24), Lucianna D’Andrea (‘25), Brynn Howard (‘25), and Cassidy Salway (‘25). 

Jill DeSio has been elected the Athletics Council Chair. The Athletics Council Chair representatives include Lucy Goddard (‘23), Molly Mark (‘23), Peyton McGuire (‘23),

Kaitlyn Hanlon (‘24), Kaylin McCarthy (‘24), Paige McManus (‘24), Lily Meulener (‘25), MC O’Connor (‘25), and Ceci Sperber (‘25). 

Camilla Monzon will serve as the Community Life Council Chair next year. The Community Life Council representatives include Madison Burke (‘23), Scarlett Butters (‘23), Ella Gorman (‘23), Rachel Gardner (‘24), Sophie Ramos (‘24), Macy Swanton (‘24), Bridie Fitzgerald (‘25), Caroline Jacobi (‘25), and Sheila Riano-Cruz (‘25). 

Riley Smith has been elected the SCOPE Council Chair. The SCOPE representatives include Ella Dougherty (‘23), Brooke O’Malley (‘23), Blaire Sheftel (‘23), Sarah DeMaria (‘24), Sam Szenzenstein (‘24), Caitie Szysko (‘24), Virginia Avery (‘25), Gabby Gomez (‘25), and Kasey Wilkens (‘25). 

As we approach the 2022-23 school year, we look forward to seeing our fearless leaders make new changes and enhance old traditions. 

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