Trinity Hall Thanks the Curley Family for their Continued Support

By Grace Child, Editor-in-Chief

Taking pride in an all-girls school environment, the Curley family wants to encourage that learning environment for their daughters. (Photo courtesy of Lindsey Curley)

The Curley Family understands the true value of an all-girls education, and they have made a commitment to supporting the Trinity Hall community through event sponsorships over the last few years.

Mrs. Curley is a graduate of Villanova University and Brooklyn Law School. She attended an all-girls high school, so she understands the value of an all-girls education first-hand. With three young girls, she and her husband are interested in an all-girls education as a part of their future and appreciate what is going on at Trinity Hall. “I think that that’s why we are interested in continuing to support the school and community here […] it was wonderful to see all of the classrooms filled with the things that are here. It’s definitely an environment that appeals to parents like us that want our kids to be surrounded by a community that is supporting all aspects of a girl’s education.” Mrs. Curley said. “Going to an all-girls school was monumental in shaping who I am today. The environment fosters independence and it fosters not really caring what other people think of you as much. You are supported a little differently than you are in a co-ed environment.”

Mr.  Curley attended CBA, followed by Villanova University, and then after college, he was a member of the marine corps for five years. In 2007, he took over his father’s car dealership and then purchased another one in 2020. Mr. Curley spoke about what is important in starting a business and being successful through the lens of his experience as a CBA alumni and dealership owner. “A school like […] Trinity teaches you how to network very well, […] collaborate with people from different communities, and interact with people from different backgrounds. I really like the empowerment it gives you.” Mr. Curley said.  

The Curleys were the title sponsors for three main events this year for Trinity Hall: The Hunt for the Hall, Monarchs on the Run, and The Trinity Hall Classic. The school community is immensely grateful for their continued support of the school and its mission. 

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