Class of 2022 College Acceptances and Decisions

By Paige Jaenicke, Sports Editor & Staff Writer

Totaling an astounding one hundred fifty college acceptances, in addition to nearly ten million dollars in merit-based scholarships, the Monarch Class of 2022 excelled in the admissions process and plan to pursue their academic careers in some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions next year.  From the metropolises of New York City and Boston to the deep South, these future Trinity Hall alumnae are excited to embark upon the next chapter of their educational, and possibly athletic, journeys at the next level.  As a community, students have honored their success over the course of the year with decorated lockers, advisory celebrations, “college shirt day,” and more.  Without a doubt, the Class of 2022 has defied pandemic obstacles and set a new precedent for future Monarch generations in their top-tier collegiate commitments.

Senior Arts and Entertainment editor for the Tribune, Faith Montagnino, plans to attend the University of Scranton in the fall and major in English.  “I feel that Scranton will be a great fit for me because it offers many academic and social opportunities, which is a balance that I find important,” Montagnino said.  “I will have the ability to participate in theater as an extracurricular and become involved in various organizations outside of my creative writing major, such as cultural clubs or student government.”

Seniors showed off their skirts which were decorated with their college logo at the annual senior skirt day. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Montagnino plans to graduate in 2026 from Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in English and receive a master’s degree in Business Administration by 2027.  She believes that the rigorous coursework at Trinity Hall has sufficiently prepared her as well as her classmates for their higher education.  With interests in literary industry, law, writing, and research, Montagnino feels that the possibilities for her success at Scranton are endless.  “One of the primary reasons that I chose Scranton, though, was the people there,” she said.  “Everyone on campus seemed genuinely happy to be there.  Each step forward I took I was met with a friendly smile, nod, or wave.”

The Trinity Hall Tribune connected with the 2022 graduates to recognize their college choices and gain insight from them about their college decision process. We are going to miss having them on campus, but we are excited to cheer them on as their begin their new adventures.

Mary Kate Allingham– Mount Saint Mary College, Elementary Education

Madeline Barber– Bucknell University, Environmental Studies

“I chose Bucknell because of the prevalent sustainability aspect throughout the campus, which has my intended major, and the tight knit running team.”

Tess Bateman– Boston College

Hannah Bates– Wellesley College, Political Science

“From the moment I first stepped on campus, I felt like I could really see myself at the school.”

Ellery Benedict– Rutgers University, Criminal Justice

Caitlin Bermingham– Auburn University, Business Analytics

“I chose Auburn because of its beautiful campus and the campus culture.  I loved how much everyone at Auburn seemed excited about being there and their pride for their traditions.  Harbert Business School at Auburn is also brand new and has so many opportunities for students to get involved, which has set it apart from my other choice schools.”

Ella Bilow– Jacksonville University, Nursing

Rylee Carroll– Clemson University, Criminal Justice

“I chose Clemson because I loved the large, beautiful campus- and the football team!”

Caroline Cashman– College of William and Mary, Mathematics

“I love how everyone I met on campus had a really diverse range of backgrounds and interests but no matter what someone was doing, they were super passionate about it.”

Grace Child– Providence College

Anna Clements– Georgia Institute of Technology, Business Administration

“I chose Georgia Tech because I was looking for a city campus that still had a campus-feel with some green area, and it satisfied all of my needs!  Georgia Tech also has a great atmosphere with students who genuinely enjoy being there, which is something that I really wanted!”

Ciara Clifford– Fairfield University

Catherine Closkey– University of Notre Dame, Neuroscience and Behavior

“I chose the University of Notre Dame because it felt like home when I visited the campus. From walking around the lakes, to visiting the grotto, to attending football games, I knew it would be a place where I would be happy to live for the next four years. I feel Notre Dame will prepare me well academically for my future career and will help me to make connections and friendships I will have for the rest of my life.”

Olivia Confrey– Monmouth University, Biology and Pre-Med

Melina Conhagen– Tulane University, Political Science

Olivia Grace Conhagen– Hamilton College, Biological Sciences

“I immediately felt so welcomed by everyone on campus, people were genuinely so excited to talk to me about Hamilton. The campus is beautiful and the research opportunities are really accessible, and I love the idea of an open curriculum!”

Sloane Coomber– University of South Carolina, Psychology

Kate Deane– Northeastern University, Mathematics and Physics

Kathleen Devine– Villanova University

Christina Donnelly– Barnard College of Columbia University, Psychology

“The co-op opportunities provided by Northeastern were definitely its biggest draw for me. I also greatly appreciate the close-knit community amidst a bustling city atmosphere.”

“I wanted to attend a school in the city with a close-knit campus community.  I also liked the opportunity to have access to a larger research institution through Columbia.”

Haven Dora– Princeton University, Architecture

Meghan Feddeler– Marist College

The entire senior class posed for a photo with the college shirts on the annual college shirt day. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Nakayah Markiema Frazier– Temple University, Legal Studies

“I loved the campus and there were many programs that I felt matched what I wanted to do once I attend. I have been wanting to go to Temple for the longest time, so I am beyond blessed for this chance.”

Lily Froelich– Georgetown University

Riley Gannon– Hawaii Pacific University, Business

Riley Giegerich– Penn State University

Kathryn Gioia– Bucknell University, Education

Cara Grabowski– The College of New Jersey, Special Education (focus in psychology)

“When I first stepped foot on campus over the summer, I fell in love with it. I loved the atmosphere and how cozy it felt. Everyone was so welcoming and I knew they had a good education program. To me, it felt like a continuity of the community-like feel of Trinity Hall.”

Lila Green– Boston College

Sanan Gueyikian– University of Pennsylvania, Psychology

“I never expected to go there, but as soon as I stepped on campus, I knew that it was where I wanted to be.”

Caroline Gulka– University of Wisconsin, Kinesiology

Sydney Gusmer– Lafayette College

Olivia Havens– Syracuse University, Policy Studies

Kathleen Hegel– University of Virginia

Yasmin Henke– University of Richmond, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

“I chose the University of Richmond because I love the campus, location, small class sizes, and great professors.”

Annalise Hiedelberger– Franklin and Marshall College

Bridget Incantalupo– Sacred Heart University, Computer Science

“I chose Sacred Heart because of the beautiful campus and honors program.  I will also have access to great computer science opportunities because a Verizon office is located right outside of the campus.”

Ellie Johnson– University of Pennsylvania, Economics

“I chose this university because I wanted to be in an atmosphere of people that have high aspirations and are supportive of one another.  When I visited campus, I immediately felt at home with everyone I met.  I knew that Philly and UPenn were the places for me.”

Roselyn Jose-Ruiz– Fordham University, Psychology

“I chose Fordham because of the atmosphere. The closed campus with the greenery and the gothic architecture in the middle of the busy and modern city was perfect for me who loves being busy and having a moment’s peace equally. Plus, being in New York City puts me in the largest internship hub on the East Coast so I will definitely take advantage of the opportunities.”

Sarah Kaye– Southern Methodist University, Marketing

“I chose SMU because of the many potential career and job opportunities available in Dallas.  The atmosphere at SMU just made me feel at home.”

Camryn Keane– University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Business

“I chose UNCW because it offered everything I wanted. I was looking for a competitive soccer program, a great business school, and to be near the beach. UNCW offered all of those things and much more.”

Julia Knox– Lehigh University, Bioengineering

Anastasia Konczyk– Southern Methodist University, Biological Sciences

Sierra Larson– George Washington University

Sofia Lehman– Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Biological Sciences

“I fell in love with everything about Virginia Tech.  The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the academic and dorm buildings are gorgeous.  You can definitely tell that everyone loves to be at the school because there is such intense school spirit.  I can tell that I would succeed in such an environment.  Go Hokies!”

Lydia Lu– Northeastern University, Engineering

Ella Maher– Rollins College, International Business

“I chose Rollins because it is a small school close to the beach.  It is also located in Florida, which is super warm, with a great study-abroad program.”

Dayra Mejia-Reyes- Yale University, Ethnicity, Race & Migration

“The open curriculum at Yale was one of the many reasons it was my first-choice college. I was attracted to the freedom I would have to learn about subjects outside my interest in political science to further enrich my understanding of the world. It was especially the people that make up Yale that make it all the more special. In attending the virtual Multicultural Open House earlier this fall, I learned of the institution’s commitment to supporting minority students. At Yale, I could both maintain a sense of pride in my culture and explore the diverse community around me. It was the blend of top-notch academics and community built on the desire to understand and uplift one another that made Yale the best fit for me.”

Isabel Middleton– Penn State University, Actuarial Sciences

“I chose Penn State because I loved the huge campus size and atmosphere.”

Seniors were excited to celebrate and honor their achievements throughout the month of May. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Claire Mikulski– Boston College, Human-Centered Engineering

“I loved the engineering program because it was exactly what I was looking for, I love how service focused the community is, and I knew I wanted to be close to a city, but not exactly in a city!”

Emily Minkler– Northeastern University, Chemical Engineering

“I chose to go to Northeastern because of the amazing opportunities they will provide for me.  I loved the co-op program as well as the city of Boston.”

Milan Murruni– Seton Hall University, Nursing

Sarah Nejame– Villanova University, Economics

“I chose Villanova because when I stepped on campus it felt like home. I like how it is not too far from home, and I was drawn to the school spirit that everyone has.”

Haley Nelson– Boston College, History

“After my first visit, I knew that Boston College was where I wanted to be.  The tightly knit community reminded me of the one here at Trinity Hall, and I loved the class culture and close proximity to the city.  Boston College felt like the perfect fit for me.  I have the honor and privilege of calling Boston my “home away from home” for the next four years.  Go Eagles!”

Kira Newbert– Princeton University, Neuroscience

“The aspect of Princeton that stood out to me the most was its strong focus on undergraduate students. This unique quality of the university means that, even as an underclassman, I will have access to a wide array of exciting research opportunities, which I am super excited about! I also loved Princeton’s close knit community, small class sizes, and relatively small student body. I have always gone to smaller schools and have grown to love the strong sense of community that they foster, so I am very excited to experience the same environment in college.”

Paige Nolan– University of Pennsylvania

Trinity Olander– Boston University, Psychology

Catie Paesano– Villanova University, Exploratory Sciences

“I chose Villanova because I loved the community I felt when I was on campus and the strong academics offered by the university.”

Elizabeth Page– Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Sofia Paparella– George Washington University, criminal justice

Simrath Parmar– Fordham University, Economics

“I chose Fordham because I knew that I wanted to be in New York City.  It would present me with so many career opportunities, and I loved the idea of meeting people from all over the country and the world in such a diverse metropolitan area.”

Helena Pecci– North Carolina State University, Biomedical Engineering

“I am going to NC State because I really like the opportunities that it offers for my intended major and the campus location.”

Norah Phillips– University of Vermont

Amanda Phillipson– New York University, Performance Studies

“NYU is at the epicenter of evolutionary art, culture, change, and opportunity. Since it is the school where performance studies, my major, was created, I am excited to attend Tisch in the fall to expand my academic and artistic horizons.”

Victoria Piazza– University of Georgia, Finance

“I decided that this university would be the perfect fit for my next four years because of the strong academics surrounding my major, the friendly atmosphere, and the great location.”

Sofia Ranucci– Providence College, Psychology

“I chose Providence because I felt at home there and I knew that I could not be anywhere else.”

Riley Raymond– Colgate University, Economics and Applied Mathematics

“I chose Colgate University because I loved the community and the opportunities that the school provided. The students at Colgate are enthusiastic about learning and about being involved in the school, which is exactly what I was looking for.”

Madeline Reynolds– University of Maine, Natural Sciences and Forestry

Emma Rokoszak– Gettysburg College, Health Sciences

“I chose this college because I loved the softball team along with the academics.  When I first walked onto the campus, I loved the people and the overall vibe.”

Hayden Rummler– Boston University, Health Sciences

Sheridan Sainato– Syracuse University, Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Riley Santos– Boston College, Finance

Juliana Scheick– Franklin and Marshall College, Animal Behavior

“I chose F&M because I love how closely knit the Lancaster community is within the campus. F&M has every aspect that I was looking for in an institution. I cannot wait to be a Diplomat and explore everything that F&M has to offer!”

Abigail Stevens– University of Vermont, Political Science

Alex Talamayan– New York University, Liberal Studies Core, Global Public Health, Biology

“I chose NYU because of its city campus, academic opportunities, student diversity, and expansive network.  I also wanted to be able to explore all that New York city has to offer, both in leisure and work, while not being too far  from home.”

Ellie Thompson– University of Georgia, Civil Engineering

“I chose UGA because I love the positive environment and the location as well. I used to live in Athens and would love to go back home!”

Sydney Torres– Boston College, Biochemistry

“I chose BC because I love both the campus location and the city of Boston.”

Noelle Turek– Villanova University, Chemical Engineering

Caitlyn Warmkessel– University of Miami, Economics

“I chose UMiami because the campus is beautiful and I love the warm weather.  I also chose this school because from the second I stepped on campus, I felt like I was surrounded by kind, like-minded people.  I knew that this was where I wanted to be.”

Charlotte Webber– Bucknell University

Lily Whiteman– University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Pre-Nursing

Natasha Zovak– Lehigh University

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