Priority Parking Should Be Strictly a Senior Privilege

By Paige Jaenicke, Editor-in-Chief

Means of transportation to and from Trinity Hall, as outlined in the student handbook, consist of district busing, ride shares, carpool, and, in some cases, student driving.  In New Jersey, residents at the age of 17, after obtaining a learner’s permit at least six months prior, are eligible to acquire a probationary driver’s license. Every member of the senior class will be at least 17 years old after October in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Education’s recommended admission deadlines, specifically N.J.S.A. 18A:38-5 in the organization’s memo, “Guidance on Early Admission to Kindergarten”.

Photo courtesy of Class of 2023

As seniors, we are the leaders.

Michelle McCabe ’23

The junior class, however, is composed of students between the ages of 15 and 17, therefore meeting the criteria to qualify for the acquisition of a provisional license. The Trinity Hall Student Handbook dictates that all members of the senior class are entitled to a spot in the parking lot with priority over juniors: “Trinity Hall students arrive on campus in a variety of ways: … (such as) student driving for seniors and, when parking is available, some juniors… This privilege is primarily reserved for seniors due to space limitations on campus”. In this way, juniors should not rely on the fact that parking may appear available, but rather come to the understanding that it is not a guarantee. That is not to say that in the event of open spaces in the parking lot, juniors with licenses should not be eligible to drive to school at all. Junior drivers should be permitted to speak with an authorized faculty member about this opportunity. By the same token, the reserved privilege can serve as something to look forward to as a senior.

“As seniors, we know the most about the school; we are the leaders,” said senior Michelle McCabe. “We have followed the rules for the past few years. Now, it’s our turn to set the tone for the school year and serve as role models for the younger classwomen.”

Fellow senior Sara McKeon agreed, “We did not have priority as juniors, so now we deserve this privilege of having parking spots in the designated student lot during our last year at Trinity Hall.”

Senior privileges are few and far between at Trinity Hall; thus, priority over parking specifically for senior students is absolutely necessary.

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