Cultural Club Gathers to Celebrate Thanksgiving and Community’s Diverse Heritages

By Lillian Russoniello & Riana MacDermott, Staff Writers

Pictured is the unique array of the dishes from the Thanksgiving celebration. (Photo courtesy of Kerri Maltese)

On November 17, the Trinity Hall Cultural Club congregated for celebration of the national holiday, Thanksgiving, in the form of a traditional feast. The meal consisted of dishes prepared by both students and faculty that were important to one’s family traditions or heritage. For instance, Ms. Kerri Maltese, an English teacher at Trinity Hall, introduced to the club her favorite meal, arroz con pollo.  The recipe was brought in several weeks prior by her mother during an interview conducted by the leaders of Cultural Club, juniors Katie Hanlon and Nan Sperber. Maltese shared with listeners that her grandmother had compiled the instructions for the dish’s preparation on an old piece of paper, which is still used by Maltese when cooking to this day.

Arroz con pollo, in conjunction with its direct translation from Spanish, consists mainly of rice and chicken. For many Hispanics, the dish is a vital cultural emblem and staple. This plate, in addition to the various other prepared food items provided by students and faculty, allowed for a successful club gathering.  Also, traditional Thanksgiving indispensables, such as pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, and apple cider, were enjoyed by club members during the meal.

 “The Cultural Club’s Thanksgiving Feast was an incredible way to bring the community together and learn about other cultures,” said Allison Urbanski ‘24.  “Having the opportunity to celebrate a holiday with friends and teachers was a memorable and rewarding experience.”

This was the first time Trinity Hall’s Cultural Club has been able to meet for a Thanksgiving Feast since 2016, which was the first time in school history, with thirty-two students and eight staff members in attendance for the event.  In order to foster a community of different cultures for future students as well as its current members, the club intends to celebrate the holiday custom once again next year.

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