Academic Council Hosts Another Successful Stress Relief Week

By Olivia Colangelo, Assistant News Editor & Ana Centro, Assistant Sports Editor

Students enjoyed painting pumpkins and dressing up in funky footwear in the spirit of Stress Relief Week. (Photo courtesy of Ana C. ’25)

As the first trimester comes to a close, there has been a substantial increase in stress levels among the student body of Trinity Hall.  In order to combat the academic rigor brought about by the end of trimester, the Academic Council hosted a triannual Stress Relief Week, which took place during the second week of November. 

“Near the end of each trimester students typically experience higher levels of stress,” said senior Jacqueline Bradley ‘23, the council chair.  “The Academic Council hosts Stress Relief Week in an attempt to bring joy to what can feel like a draining week. While we are aware we cannot remove all the stress, having a snack or petting therapy dogs makes the stress more bearable.”

Some highlights of the week included soft pretzels from The Pretzel Factory, a visit from trained therapy dogs, as well as Big Sister/Little Sister pumpkin painting. The pumpkins painted by the freshmen and juniors will be donated to a senior citizen retirement community. 

Pumpkins were painted by students during a Big Sister- Little Sister activity. (Photo courtesy of Ana C. ’25)

During the community meeting, the Orange Team and Blue Team went head to head in a game of Family Feud.  The upperclassmen joined force with their Little Sisters, answering a series of school-related questions that were curated by the faculty. The seniors and sophomores won, securing Royal Rumble points for the Orange Team. 

To conclude the week, students enjoyed  “Fun Feet Friday” complete with festive socks and shoes. 

Pictured above are some of the “fun feet”! (Photo courtesy of Ana Centro ’25)

“Stress Relief Week makes the environment at Trinity a little less stressful,” said sophomore Aubrey Scoble ‘25.  “It gives me a moment to breathe, especially when we pet the dogs at lunch!”

Ultimately, the first Stress Relief Week of the 22-23 school year was a success as Trinity Hall students, faculty, and staff engaged in a variety of activities that sparked a spirit of community while reducing inevitable, end-of-trimester stress.

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