Cast and Crew of Queen’s Court Company Dramatize a Show That “Shines”

By Cate Bonan, Staff Writer

The Queen’s Court Company showcased the fall drama of These Shining Lives at Brookdale Performing Arts Center, during which their hard work and dedication to the performance was on full display.  The production opened on the evening of Thursday, November 17, where numerous Trinity Hall students gathered to attend the play in support of their classmates and peers.

These Shining Lives shares the story of the revolutionary female Radium Dial Company factory workers of the 1930’s. The female protagonists of the play, referred to as the “Core Four,” were portrayed as hardworking and ambitious while demonstrating a true sisterhood with one another. The play not only told the history of the “Radium Girls” but also emphasized the importance of advocating for oneself and fighting workplace corruption.

Leah M. ’23 and Logan C. ’23 share a moment during a powerful scene in Act II. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

The female lead, Bridget Johnson ‘23, played the role of Catherine Donohue- a new addition to the Radium Dial Company staff. The play follows Catherine and her workplace friends Charlotte (Logan Connor ‘23), Frances (Leah Marchetti ‘23), and Pearl (Fiona O’Brien ‘23) as they paint the faces of clocks with the illuminating radium powder, an element discovered by renowned chemist Marie Curie (Colleen Yurcisin ‘23). Radium was advertised to the public as possessing extraordinary health benefits and being a potential cure for cancer, contributing to the workers’ lack of fear concerning its role in declining health

When Catherine and her friends begin to fall extremely ill, they are told that they have a common cold despite their intuition that something far more fatal is at hand. After wistfully searching for unbiased medical care, they meet Dr. Dalitsche (Emily Rae Johns ‘25) who informs them that their suffering is due to radium poisoning.  The women are shocked to learn that their employers knew the danger existed, and, in retaliation, they take this newly acquired knowledge and horrific experiences to court despite the lack of support from their community. The end result is radical workplace changes that protect the dignity and lives of workers.

In addition to the incredible performers, the ensemble of costume designers, makeup artists, set designers, hairdressers, and stage crew played a pivotal role in the success of the production.

The behind-the-scenes success can be attributed to the leadership of the Queen’s Court Company, Crowning Crew, and Jester’s of Jazz: the faculty advisors.  Mrs. Ellen Phillips, Mrs. Samantha Puma, Ms. Marianna Sierra, and Mr. Michael Kabash fearlessly navigated the logistics of the production while working tirelessly with Trinity Hall students to successfully execute three performances of These Shining Lives

The spring musical, a performance called Ranked, will be performed during the first weekend of March and rehearsals are currently underway.  Judging by the immense success of the fall play, you will not want to miss it!

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