Trinity Elves Tradition Kicks Off Winter Break

By Olivia Colangelo, Assistant Sports Editor

Jordyn T. ’24 and Hannah B. ’24 participated in Trinity Hall’s holiday festivities. (Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole)

One of the most anticipated traditions of the school year is the “Trinity Elves” gift exchange. Before Thanksgiving Break, “Trinity Elves” commenced as students were randomly assigned the name of a fellow classmate. In true Secret Santa fashion, students acted as “elves,” exchanging presents with one another while keeping their identities a secret. Over the course of two weeks, students exchanged two small gifts, setting the stage for the final large gift and revelation of the secret “elf” identities, which took place on Friday, December 16. 

“I think that the Trinity Elves festivities are a great way for students to connect to their peers.” said sophomore Amanda Donnelly ‘25.  “In giving gifts, we learn more about those that we spend every day with. I think that’s crucial to making our community stronger.” 

Seniors (left to right) Madison M., Katie O., Jane F., and Peyton M. joined in the excitement of the Trinity Elves tradition. (Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole)

The Trinity Elves tradition gets the entire student body engaged in a timeless activity. Now in its ninth year, the tradition has been kicking off winter break since 2013.  Aiming to put a twist on Secret Santa, students landed on the idea of secret gift-giving with a unique title.

Former student and current Communications Coordinator, Ms. Chloe Toole, was eager to share her insight. “When we started the [Trinity Elves] tradition, we had cubbies, not lockers, so it was a little bit easier to sneak the small gifts into a cubby rather than a locker. Ever since then, the tradition has continued every year.”

Overall, “Trinity Elves” was yet another festive success filled with the spirit of gift-giving and holiday cheer.

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