Arts Council Hosts Annual Paint and Snack

By Fiona O’Brien, staff writer

The students and faculty who participated in the Paint and Snack enjoyed a relaxing activity with delicious sweets. Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole

One of the Arts Council’s most revered fall traditions is the annual Paint and Snack, which was held on Thursday, October, 6 2022.  

Guided by the expertise of a Trinity Hall visual arts teacher, Mrs. Erin Straine, students created a piece of autumn-themed art with some “snacking” on festive treats such as apple cider and doughnuts. Now in its fourth year, the event is limited to about a dozen students on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Participation within the Monarch community is highly encouraged for those interested in painting while relaxing with friends.

Fiona O’Brien ’23 painted a minion on her pumpkin at the Paint and Snack. Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole

This year, the Paint and Snack incorporated the use of pumpkins for painting rather than on a traditional canvas; painters were given the choice between illustrating either a minion or a witch on her pumpkin. Some daring painters even took artistic license by trying to design something unique!  

Students and faculty in attendance experienced a break from the academic rigor of the first few weeks of school by taking time to refresh and exercise their inner artist!  Stay tuned for photos from the winter-themed Paint and Snack event.

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