September Class Trip Tradition Kickstarts 22-23 Year

By Blaire Sheftel, News Editor

Trinity Hall begins every new school year with both day or overnight trips for all grades with the aims of bringing each class closer, introducing new experiences, and setting a strong foundation of togetherness for the months to come. Whether the plans were to participate in a game of laser tag or experiment with archery, each class experience was filled with both exciting and meaningful activities. It was the first time in four years that the Trinity Hall community was able to engage in overnight trips at the beginning of the school year- which was exciting for the entire student body as the school’s return to normalcy since the 2020 pandemic continues to make progress.

Each grade embarked on their respective trips early in the morning on September 8, 9th and 10th grade left for the day, while 11th and 12th grade brought suitcases with them for their overnight trips. Freshmen ventured off to Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale, NJ, where they took pleasure in a number of exciting outdoor activities such as canoeing, archery, high ropes and low ropes courses, and ziplining. The purpose of the trip was to introduce and build connections among the Class of 2026. Taking part in a variety of team-building exercises in order to familiarize themselves with one another, the freshmen spent an eventful yet memorable day outdoors.

“My favorite thing about the trip was meeting and interacting with new people since I only knew very few people going into the new school year,” said freshman Julia Hammer.  “It was cool to connect with my peers through the fun activities and weird things about the camp.” 

My favorite thing about the trip was meeting and interacting with new people.

Julia Hammer ’26

Overall, the freshmen class trip established a new spirit of connection among the girls that will continue on throughout the rest of the school year.

The freshmen participated in canoeing during their trip to Camp Sacajawea. Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole

Meanwhile, the sophomore class embarked on their own class trip. Their jam-packed day consisted of a full schedule of activities, including a college visit and a trip to the museum. Sophomores began the day with a guided tour of Villanova University, which offered early insight into the college application and selection processes.  The class was enchanted by the spectacular campus architecture and buzzling student activity.  They met up with a Trinity Hall alumnae who explained more about her college experience in general and at Villanova. 

“My favorite part of the trip was definitely the Villanova tour,” said sophomore Ceci Sperber.  “Before the trip, I had never seen it before.  The campus was so beautiful, and our tour guide was extremely informative.” 

Afterwards, the grade traveled to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where they ate lunch, explored the museum, and watched a presentation about American history. 

Next, the juniors participated in their class trip on September 8th as well. However, unlike the younger two grades, this was an overnight trip. On the first day, the juniors visited both Marist College and Vassar College, exploring their campuses and continuing their own college processes. Afterwards, they participated in a game of laser tag, finishing the day with recreation and fun. On September 9th, they visited the University of Connecticut, Trinity College, Yale University, and Fairfield University. 

Juniors toured Trinity College, making a pit-stop at the residency hall fittingly named “Trinity Hall”. Photo courtesy of Chloe Toole

“My favorite thing was eating in the dining hall at Trinity College. It was really cool to put ourselves in the place of a college student and see more of the social side,” said junior Paige McManus. 

Each of these college tours helped the juniors continue to form opinions about what their college experience might look like within a supportive and engaging environment.  This trip, which included the well-liked game of laser tag, set a relaxing and comfortable mood for something that could have otherwise been very serious and stressful, beginning their junior year college searches on the right foot.

Finally, seniors participated in an overnight trip as well, staying at the Archdiocese Youth Retreat Center in Kearny, NJ. Although they were advised to keep the majority of the activities confidential with the purpose of building excitement for other grades, seniors describe it as both reflective and enjoyable.

Seniors gathered to watch the sun rise at Sea Bright Public Beach Pavilion before embarking on their retreat. Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff.

“I appreciated the time for our grade to really get together and be there for each other,” said senior Riley Smith. The grade and faculty who helped organize the trip fostered a supportive environment which allowed each student to begin their last year at Trinity Hall excited and stress-free.

I appreciated the time for our grade to really get together and be there for each other.

Riley Smith ’23

In conclusion, despite each of these trips containing different activities and locations, they each reached their collective goals of serving as a learning and bonding experience for every grade.

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