Trinity Hall Tennis Serves Up Success

By Ana Centro & Olivia Colangelo, Staff Writers

As the New Jersey high school girls’ tennis season comes to a close, the Monarchs have executed ground-breaking achievements. For the third year in a row, the Monarchs won a B-Central divisional title, ending the season with a total of fourteen wins and two losses. 

The team made school history by advancing to the semifinals of the Shore Conference Tournament, including wins against Manasquan and Ranney.

Senior team captain Catharine Little was excited by the team’s success. “This year, our team has grown closer than ever, and this has definitely contributed to our success this season. I am going to miss these girls so much next year, but I know they’re going to kill it,” said Little.

Our team has grown closer than ever.

Catharine Little ’23

On Sept. 24, Ana Centro ‘25 and Kelsey White ‘23 placed third in the Monmouth County Tournament for the first time in school history. On the prestigious tournament’s second day, the second Monarchs doubles team secured third place with a victory over Manasquan. Overall, the team tied for fourth place in Monmouth County.

Co-captain Grace Sullivan appreciates the team’s spirit of camaraderie and attributed it to their continued successes. “I am so proud of the tennis team this year. It is a great community of kind and talented girls,” Sullivan said.

The Monarchs certainly ended the season with a “bang,” deserving a “racquet” of congratulations from the Trinity Hall community! 

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