2021 is a Hit Year for Flag Football

By Elizabeth Farrington, Staff Writer

Players and coaches were all smiles before the start of the flag football game that finally returned after a two-year Covid hiatus. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall Yearbook Staff)

The annual Flag Football Tournament was a great way to bring the Trinity Hall community together through healthy competition. A series of single-elimination games organized by senior Haven Dora and the athletics council took place at Capelli Fields on November 22, 2021. The championship game was played on campus the following afternoon. Dads from the Father’s Committee refereed the games and assisted in setting up the field on the North Lawn for the finals. 

Seniors Mary Kate Allingham and Ciara Clifford were announcers for the championship game, and truly enjoyed the tournament as a whole.

Junior McLane G. made moves for her team in the final game. (Photo by Trinity Hall Staff)

“Flag football this year was the most exciting it has ever been. It was really great to see so many other students get excited and support the battling teams. I think it was a great representation of the exciting and competitive culture at Trinity. It’s also always great to see the Blue team come out on top!” Allingham said.

Despite the harsh weather conditions of late November, the school welcomed students, parents, and alumnae to the finals. The community was able to bond over the game by cheering on the teams and enjoying hot chocolate served by the SCOPE council. Freshman Maxine Camillone shared her experience from the stands. “As a spectator of the championship game, Flag Football was such a fun and amazing experience that really united the sisterhood. I can’t wait for next year to be even more exhilarating,” she said. 

Sophomore Sarah S. attempted to run the field and shortly after, scored a touchdown. (Photo by Trinity Hall Staff)

Senior Juliana Scheick, a member of the winning team, expressed her excitement for her group’s victory. “We had such a great time out there. There was great chemistry amongst the girls on and off the field. I think that the variety of talent throughout the team helped us to victory. Go Blue,” Scheick said. What a great way to kick off Thanksgiving Break!

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