Jacqueline Pena-Gomez Starts New Club “Talk in Unity”

By Caroline Miele & Allie Urbanski, Staff Writers

Jackie G.’s spirit was evident as she delivered a gift to a peer. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Jacqueline Pena-Gomez wanted to bring a little bit of Latin Spice to the Trinity Hall community, so she was inspired to start Talk in Unity. Her club incorporates Latin culture and traditions into Trinity Hall to make it more inclusive. She started Talk in Unity due to the influx of Latina girls in the Class of ‘25 in addition to wanting to create a more culturally unified community. 

Pena-Gomez explains Talk in Unity as, “[Talk in Unity is] an Affinity group for the Latin community of Trinity Hall. It helps the community learn about Latin traditions and culture and allows for a more diverse Trinity Hall.” 

Pena-Gomez aspires to make an impact for Trinity Hall by being an inspiration for new affinity groups. She wants to make the school a more inclusive space for all cultures and make a more safe, welcoming environment for the Latin community of Trinity Hall students.

Jackie G. and Amy G. showed off their spirit on Halloween. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

She explained that her amazing family has always been supportive of her and has immersed her in Latin culture, which heavily inspired her to initiate Talk in Unity. She was also inspired by fellow students. “You could say [that] the ACE club inspired me to incorporate more inclusion because ACE talks about making the Trinity community more inclusive. Also, everyone has been so nice and that really inspired me,” Pena-Gomez said. 

Jacqueline Pena-Gomez  has already touched the lives and hearts of two Trinity Hall students. Sophomore Clarissa Pane and Haley Zupko said, “It’s a wonderful outlet for people in our community to learn about different cultures.” Pena-Gomez wants to continue to create an open space, through Talk in Unity, for all ages, races, and walks of life to share culture, traditions, ask questions, and most importantly educate.

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