Students Work Together to Donate Over $1,000 To Ukrainian Relief

By Elizabeth Farrington, Staff Writer

Students were excited to check out the available baked goods at the bake sale. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall staff)

Trinity Hall has made many successful efforts supporting Ukraine as Russia is at war with them. Russia invaded Ukraine in February, and it has left millions of Ukrainians devastated and deprived of resources. Since then, Ukraine has been in great need of charity, and the Monarchs came together to assist. Ella Dougherty ‘23 organized a bake sale in which all profits were donated to Catholic Relief Services, allowing all students to make a contribution.

“The bake sale was extremely successful as it raised over $1,000 for Ukrainian relief. All proceeds went to Catholic Relief Services which is an organization that is currently working directly with Ukrainian refugees. It was amazing to see the school rally for a common goal, and to see the results of such a schoolwide rally was as rewarding as it was powerful,” Dougherty said. 

Along with baked goods, bracelets were sold to raise money for Ukraine. Junior Paige Jaenicke increased profits by suggesting this helpful addition to the schoolwide donation. “I got the idea to ignite a campaign for Ukrainian refugees here at Trinity Hall from one of the clothing drives taking place in my local parish community. After consulting with Dr. Whelan, I realized that my creative hobby of bracelet making would be an excellent way to generate funds among my peers and inspire interest in supporting displaced Ukrainians and the cause. I was excited by everyone’s participation and enthusiasm on the day of the bake sale, and I am confident that Trinity Hall contributed immensely toward refugee relief,” Jaenicke said. 

Students were inspired by the bake sale as well, specifically Bridie Fitzgerald ‘25. Fitzgerald was able to share her love for baking with the Trinity Hall community while helping a country in need. “I had so much fun baking for the bake sale! I love that I am able to do something I love and be helpful to the world,” Fitzgerald said.

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