Spirit Week Busts Quarantine Boredom

By Grace Child, Staff Writer, and Kate Hegel, Staff Writer

Despite having to celebrate digitally, students displayed their school pride by putting on a successful Spirit Week from May 4- 8 as the community gathered to participate in activities through digital Zoom calls during the lunch meeting periods and in the evenings.

spaghetti tacos

Junior Mia Gazzara’s spaghetti tacos won second place in the virtual cooking contest that was held on May 4 as part of Spirit week. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

The excitement kicked off on Monday, May 4, as community members voted for their favorite baked good from photos submitted by students and faculty. English teacher Sam Puma took first place with Oreo cookie brownies, and junior Mia Gazzara placed second with her spaghetti tacos creatively inspired by the TV show iCarly.

On Tuesday, May 5, students joined a Zoom meeting with crazy hair and hats in order to win Royal Rumble points for their teams. The fun did not end there because students were able to participate in a trivia event hosted by the academics council in the evening. Junior Isabella Giallanza finished first, senior Sophia Gana placed second and senior Molly Clifford took third to win Royal Rumble points for their teams.

Sophomore Ciara Clifford attended the trivia night and found it to be a fun way to reconnect with community members outside of zoom classes. “I think trivia night was a great idea and new addition from online school,” she said. “I really enjoyed doing the Kahoot with my friends over zoom. It gave us a nice break from school and it was super fun to play with everyone.”

On Thursday, May 7, students participated in a fun game of Trinity Hall-themed pictionary, another Royal Rumble competition. Students showed off their drawing skills by illustrating things unique to the school, such as microwaveable popcorn and sweatpants under skirts. Later that night, a group of talented students hosted the Evening of Fine Arts as a way to virtually display the artistic gifts of the community.

“Evening of Fine Arts is a celebration of the arts at Trinity Hall that showcases the performers of Trinity Hall and recognizes their artwork and visual performing skills,” sophomore Sofia Ranucci, who participated in the show, said. “Parents, friends and other students are able to be a part of the arts program at Trinity Hall during this special event.”

The week concluded nostalgically with videos made by students about their memories at Trinity Hall. Students showed their appreciation for the friendships and experiences that the school helped them to cultivate. After an exciting week of competition, talents and school spirit, the Orange team pulled ahead of the Blue team in Royal Rumble points for the coveted Queen’s Cup.


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