Class of 2020 Finalizes College Decisions

By Mary Kate Cashman, Editor-in-Chief

Students in the Class of 2020 were collectively accepted to more than 100 colleges and universities this year and will matriculate at a variety of institutions around the country in the fall. After profiling the 22 students who chose their colleges in December and January (see article here), the Trinity Hall Tribune spoke with some of the remaining seniors to find out more about their college decisions and what they look forward to in the next four years.

Alessandra Arege | University of Southern California, Health and Human Services and Pre-Medicine


Following tradition, Alessandra A. decorated her uniform skirt with the logo of the University of Southern California, where she will be heading this fall. (Photo courtesy of Alessandra Arege)

“I will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall. I chose this school because of the school spirit, its challenging academics and due to the fact that it is the number one school for my major. USC has everything I could ask for in a university, from its beautiful campus to its location in Los Angeles. USC’s program also gives me the flexibility to major/minor across different schools, which poses amazing and fun opportunities, like taking a surfing course for credits. …It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to attend school in California, and I’m glad that this dream has come to fruition. Fight on!”

Lia Bustillo | University of Pittsburgh

“When I first started the college process, I had absolutely no idea where to look. I knew I wanted a school with great academics, amazing study abroad programs and many opportunities…I started researching schools, and Pittsburgh came up quite often. I didn’t know much about it, but once I stepped onto the campus, I had a feeling that I would love it. I love the proximity to the city and their amazing school pride. I am most looking forward to trying new things, such as classes and extracurricular activities. I am super excited for the next four years at Pitt and what the future holds.”

Whitney Butterfield | Providence College 

“I decided to attend Providence College in the fall. I chose PC because I loved the school when I visited and loved the community they have and felt that it was similar to the community that Trinity Hall has built. Everyone I met on campus was so friendly and welcoming, and it made me feel very comfortable to make this big transition. My brother also goes to Providence, so when visiting him and getting to know his friends, I knew that it would be a great fit for me. I’m most looking forward to going to basketball games and getting to meet new people. Go Friars!”

Kiley Cizin | Sacred Heart University, Nursing


Kiley C.’s uniform skirt bears the logo of Sacred Heart University, where she will study nursing. (Photo courtesy of Kiley Cizin)

“In the fall, I will be attending Sacred Heart University and will be majoring in nursing. I have always wanted to become a nurse when I got older. During my college search, finding a great nursing school was the most important aspect of choosing a university for me, and Sacred Heart gave me this. I visited the school in the summer of 2019 and immediately fell in love with the campus and the nursing program…Even though I will miss Trinity Hall, I will be forever grateful that it gave me the foundation to grow and learn with confidence and gave me the tools to be prepared for Sacred Heart. I am beyond excited to start my college career as a Pioneer in the fall!”

Molly Clifford | University of Michigan, Nursing

“I chose the University of Michigan because I was really passionate about going somewhere with a ton of school spirit, an amazing campus and a great nursing program. It has everything I was looking for in the place where I will spend the next four years of my life. I will be majoring in nursing and I am most looking forward to meeting new people, attending football games and learning a lot about nursing and myself. I’m super excited to immerse myself in a totally different environment and have fun while doing it. Go Blue!”

Riley Dunfee | University of Georgia, Finance

“I chose to attend the University of Georgia because I loved the atmosphere in Athens and knew it was a place I could call home for the next four with new friendly faces, a highly-ranked business school and school spirit that I knew I wanted to be a part of after my first visit…I was not even considering UGA until the end of September of senior year. Truthfully, it was a last minute suggestion given by a family friend…I knew I always wanted to go south, but when I saw UGA, I knew it was the place for me, especially after understanding all of the opportunities I would have in the business school throughout my four years and beyond. I am excited to pursue Finance in the Terry School of Business next year and cannot wait for the fall. Go Dawgs!”

Logan Dziadzio | Northeastern University, Mechanical Engineering and Physics

“Next year I will be attending Northeastern University and I’ll be studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Northeastern was one of my top choices because of the great cooperative education program, which allows me to start gaining working experience while in school and provides many opportunities to study abroad. I am very excited to be on campus in the fall and get to live in a big city like Boston. I can’t wait for all the new experiences that will come with living in such a lively environment, especially since there are so many other colleges and universities to interact with nearby.”

Morgan Feiler | Wake Forest University

“I chose to attend Wake Forest because they embodied the perfect combination of what I was looking for in a school: small class sizes, phenomenal academics, great sports teams and an incredible sense of school spirit and community. From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew I wanted to continue my education there for the next four years. Wake has been my number one choice throughout this entire process, so after being accepted, it was literally a jumping up and down moment. In the fall, I am most looking forward to TP’ing the quad, taking new classes and meeting new people. Go Deacs!”

Riley Francese | Clemson University, Civil Engineering

“I will be attending Clemson University where I will be studying Civil Engineering. I chose Clemson because from the moment I stepped on campus during my visit, I knew it had the sense of community and school spirit that I was looking for. I also knew that there was so much to do, whether on campus or in the downtown area; therefore, I can always have something to be a part of. Clemson’s campus also allows for many beautiful areas to study, which I am really looking forward to (catch me near the reflection pond after classes!). Another reason I chose Clemson was because the university has three core values that are similar to Trinity’s; therefore, it was easy to know I was going to feel right at home. Go Tigers!”

Sophia Gana | Johns Hopkins University, Neuroscience and Pre-Medicine

“I wanted to be in a city, and Baltimore is beautiful. I also have wanted to do medicine for a while and they have a great program. Their lacrosse games are also fun to watch! I also love the school colors. I am looking forward to meeting some new people and seeing what I can accomplish in my next four years.”

Kylie Hall | Clemson University, Economics

“As the last of the 31 colleges I visited in person, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Clemson University’s campus and atmosphere having seen so many schools already. The reason I chose Clemson University is because, when I visited, it was one of the few times I actually could envision myself as a student on campus. With this feeling, the school offered me everything I was looking for in a university. I wanted a large, spirited school that also had a close-knit community, which I could see on Clemson’s campus…What I am looking forward to most about attending is studying economics and political science as well joining Clemson’s Tiger Dancer dance team. I am so excited to start this new chapter. Go Tigers!”

Sophia Hegel | University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Neuroscience and Pre-Medicine

“My family has always been Carolina fans, so I’ve always loved the school. Then, when I visited the campus and learned more about the academics, I knew UNC was the right fit. My family and I were all super excited when I got in! I’m most looking forward to going to basketball games. I grew up watching them with my family on TV, so I can’t wait to be cheering on the Tar Heels from the student section!”

Juvene Jean | Temple University, Biology


Juvene J. proudly displays her college choice by wearing a Temple University sweatshirt with her Temple-decorated uniform skirt. (Photo courtesy of Juvene Jean)

“All my life I knew that I wanted to help people. My parents were both born in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, and I knew from a young age that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I am going to school to be a doctor so I can help those all over the world who are in need of it. It is not only my dream to work at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia but to help kids all over the world. After visiting Temple I knew that it was the place that I wanted to start my journey. I am looking forward to meeting new people and spreading love and positivity to everyone that I meet.”

Vanessa Lambrou | California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, Biochemistry

“I chose Cal Poly because of its ‘learn by doing’ mantra that consists of mainly hands-on projects similar to the ones we experience at Trinity Hall. Having a project-based curriculum was something I knew I wanted for my future, so after researching all that Cal Poly has to offer, I knew it was the school for me. I am most excited for the year-round warm weather, and I can’t wait to explore the beaches as well as the city of San Luis Obispo throughout the next four years.”

Ryen Miller | James Madison University, Industrial Design

“I chose JMU because of the environment and the overall feel. Once I stepped onto the campus, I knew that this college was like no other. The students genuinely seemed happy as they walked around campus going to their classes. The school also has a lot of school spirit…Since industrial design is only offered at just under 100 schools, I knew that JMU was special since they offered my major. When I met the head of the design department, along with the many professors that I could potentially have, I realized how passionate they were to be teaching design and I trust they would help make my dreams come true. I am mostly looking forward to meeting new people, experiencing the college atmosphere and diving deep into my passion for design.”

Isa Murphy | Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Economics

“Junior year, our class went to visit Hobart William Smith Colleges. Even though it was not at the top of my list, I began thinking about what I truly wanted in a college. My choice of school would be one that embodies the Trinity Hall values and sense of community. When we stepped on the campus, it was absolutely beautiful, although I never really pictured myself enduring the Geneva, N.Y. winters. HWS has everything that I really could ever want in a college (other than the winters). As of right now, I am majoring in economics on the pre-law track and I am playing on the tennis team. I am very excited to be attending Hobart William Smith and to start my new journey!”

Angelica Niedermeyer | Manhattan College, Communications


Angelica N. plans to study communciations at Manhattan College this fall. (Photo courtesy of Angelica Niedermeyer)

“I chose Manhattan College because of its location in Riverdale, N.Y. and its access to the number 1 train to the city. The location was very important to me to find internships and future careers while also having a beautiful campus and close community. In addition, they also gave me a significant amount of funds, which definitely played a part in my college decision. As for my college major, I would love to pursue communications with a focus on journalism. I found that throughout my four years at the Trinity Hall Tribune, I learned so much about the interviewing, writing and editing process of journalism. Taking a leap and joining the Tribune as the only freshman was the best decision I have ever made. I was able to find a passion of mine that I actually want to do for a living! I want to thank all of the girls on the staff and editing team, especially Mrs. Morreale, for all the support and guidance.”

Bailey Powers | Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Mechanical Engineering

“I decided on WPI for my collegiate experience because I saw a reflection of Trinity Hall in their atmosphere. Going from a project-based STEM high school to a project-based STEM institute is the perfect fit for me. I am highly looking forward to studying mechanical engineering on a beautiful campus with extreme school spirit. Go Goats!”

Sydney Riepl | University of California-Los Angeles, Life Sciences

“I chose UCLA because ever since I started looking at colleges, I’ve wanted to go to California. After visiting UCLA in my sophomore year, I was sold on its integrated research program and location. I’m really excited to experience all the hard work and engaging atmosphere that comes with college.”

Alexa Sadowski | Lafayette College, Policy Studies and Economics

“In the fall I will be attending Lafayette College, majoring in Policy Studies and Economics. The traditions, size, school pride and close relationships with professors Lafayette offers built the strong community that I was looking for in a college. Although choosing a college is a tough decision, as soon as I received my acceptance letter I knew Lafayette was where I would be spending my next four years. I am most looking forward to the traditions at Lafayette…The First Year Seminar options offered this year were very interesting and I know I will be reminded of Trinity Hall while I am sitting in this class. I am also looking forward to the 1,000 Nights Dance, which marks 1,000 days until graduation, and the Lafayette-Lehigh football game. 

Grace Shimkus | Virginia Tech, English and Theatre


Grace S. will be joining the Corps of Cadets program on the National Army scholarship at Virginia Tech this fall. (Photo courtesy of Grace Shimkus)

“I will be majoring in English and Theatre at Virginia Tech. I chose this school because I was accepted into the Corps of Cadets program on the National Army scholarship. There are so many opportunities, classes and programs offered at Tech. I am most looking forward to meeting new people and exploring my new cadet lifestyle.”

Olivia Almeida | Clemson University 

Jane Banahan | Muhlenberg College

Fatima Barahona-Escobar | Marist College

Alex Chrystal | Rutgers University

Sam Devine | University of South Carolina

Francesca Dordaro | Rutgers University

Patti Frees | Providence College

Julia Hallman | Elon University

Madeleine Hicks | Northeastern University

Kate Keenan | University of South Carolina

Colleen Kelly | Bucknell University

Alexandra Konczyk | Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Violet Lambrou | Skidmore College

Carolyn Litwin | University of Findlay

Abby Lonardo | University of Delaware

Skye Loures | Lafayette College

Sarah Maes | The College of New Jersey

Madison Marques | Rutgers University

Emma McEvoy | Thomas Jefferson University

Anna O’Neill | Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Aoife Picadio | Pepperdine University

Priya Verma | Dartmouth College

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