College Decision Season Begins With Numerous Acceptances

By Logan Dziadzio, Opinions Editor, and Isabella Giallanza, Photo Editor

As 2019 drew to a close, the seniors began to receive many college acceptances. Out of the 65 members of the Class of 2020, 21 have already committed to a college. The Trinity Hall Tribune reached out to the seniors who have made their final college decision thus far and found out about their decision process as well as what they are most looking forward to over the next four years.

Madison Boesch – Texas Christian University, Special Education

“I chose TCU because from the time I could remember I’ve wanted to go to school in Texas. After my brother made his decision to go to TCU and I was able to visit and hear what the school was all about, I knew that’s where I needed to be. After hearing him talk about how well he’s doing and all the friendships he’s made, I knew this was going to have to be my new home. The atmosphere is also a very important part of my decision in a school because I want a happy, healthy and bright place to be. In addition, TCU has a great special education program. I decided to apply early decision because I knew this was the place I wanted to spend my next four years…I am most excited to rush, make strong friendships and thrive in my major and learning. I’m excited to learn and grow as a student as well as a person. Go Horned Frogs!”

Shea Campanella – Salve Regina, English Communications and Environmental Studies


Shea C. will be attending Salve Regina University in Rhode Island this fall. (Photo by Mary Kate Cashman)

“The reason I chose Salve Regina is really cheesy but frequently [heard] on college tours: when the tour guide is asked why they chose that school, they say something to the effect of ‘I had a feeling when I stepped onto the campus.’ Yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds, but when I went on a tour of the school this past July I had this indescribable sensation that this was my school and this was the place I belonged, and no other school I had visited felt anything like that. After feeling like that only at this one school, it just felt natural that it was the place I should go. Before I even visited the school, I knew that it had everything I wanted to study [and] there was nothing I didn’t like about it…The tour I took and subsequent research I did on Salve’s website have convinced me that it is the perfect school for me!”

Mary Kate Cashman – University of Notre Dame, Political Science and Global Affairs

“I chose Notre Dame because I love its family atmosphere and how students are encouraged to use what they’ve learned there to positively impact communities around the world. I committed to attend already because it had been my first choice throughout the whole college process, and I knew all along that if I was accepted, I would choose it over any other school in a heartbeat. As of right now, I plan on majoring in political science and global affairs, but I am excited to have the opportunity to take classes in other subject areas as well. I’m also looking forward to meeting new people in my residence hall, becoming involved in a few of the many clubs Notre Dame has to offer and cheering on the Fighting Irish!”

Hope Caucino – Villanova University, Biology

“The college I chose to apply to early decision and attend is Villanova University, where I will be studying biology in the fall. I am the most excited about meeting new people, as well as the variety of classes I can take and the information I will learn and be studying. I decided to apply early decision because my brother also attended Villanova, and growing up, I always admired and loved this college. I felt my best odds of being accepted was by applying early decision, despite my interest in other schools; however, this was the only place I truly wanted to attend, and I am very happy with my choice and acceptance and cannot wait for the fall.”

Madeline Condon – Bryant University, Business

“It’s actually funny…the day before I was leaving to go to Bryant for the first time on my official visit I begged my mom not to make me go. I thought that I was going to hate it. But as soon as I got on campus and met the head [swim] coach and the [swim] team, I knew that Bryant was the school for me. The team at Bryant is not like any of the other schools that I visited; the team is like one big dysfunctional family and they welcomed me in with open arms. I believe that Bryant University offers everything that I was looking for in a college. I believe that I will be comfortably challenged both in the classroom and in the pool. I am personally most excited about the team aspect of swimming. I am excited to have the team be like my second family.”

Kelsey Cooper – Brown University, History


Kelsey C. will be going to Brown University next school year. (Photo by Mary Kate Cashman)

“I chose Brown because it was everything I wanted for my college experience. I wanted to experience the freedom that comes along with the open curriculum. Not having any class requirements will allow me to explore my diverse interests and figure out my true academic passion! Brown will also expose me to so many new people and cultures, and I can’t wait to become a more worldly citizen as a result. Brown has been my number one choice for quite some time, so doing early decision was a no-brainer for me!”

Lauren Ehnot – Cornell University, Environmental Engineering

“I could not be more excited to say that I am going to Cornell next year! I am going to major in Environmental Engineering in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. When I was first looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to go to a school with strong academics and a varsity sailing team. I toured schools junior year over spring break and contacted coaches, some as early as December of my sophomore year. Once I had a shortlist of schools I was interested in, I did overnights with a member of the sailing team. On these overnights I really got to see the day-to-day life of the students there. I sat in on classes, went to practice, ate in the dining halls, saw the typical student workload, experienced the social scene and really got a feel for the overall campus vibe. I ultimately decided to apply early to Cornell when the coach said he had a spot for me on the team this past October. I am thrilled to be studying at such a renowned university next year and sailing for a school ranked [in the] top three in the country for women’s sailing! Go Big Red!”

Shantal Ferrer – Caldwell University, Art Therapy

“I will be attending Caldwell University in the fall, and I am most excited to be studying what I have always wanted to do as a little girl. Growing up, art has always fascinated me. When studying art therapy, not only can I pursue my passion for art but my passion for helping others as well.”

Mara Galvin – College of the Holy Cross, Biology

“I chose to attend Holy Cross for several reasons. To start, I have always attended small schools. I think that from attending Trinity Hall, we have gotten a sense that small schools create a high level of comfort and especially community. Holy Cross carries this idea as their extensive community within the student and alumni population is something that can be observed when talking to anyone from Holy Cross. Another reason I chose Holy Cross is that it provides an excellent liberal arts education. Although I know that I would like to major in the sciences, I am excited to explore other fields of study. Lastly, Holy Cross’ campus was exactly what I was looking for in a school. Growing up, I always thought of college as a place with old stone buildings with ivy, all enclosed in one area with large gates. Since the moment that I stepped on campus for my first official tour, I knew that it was the place for me…When I walked onto the Holy Cross campus, I had this feeling instantaneously and knew that it was the college for me.

Maya Gardner – Cornell University, Computer Science


Maya G. plans to study Computer Science at Cornell University in New York. (Photo by Isabella Giallanza)

“I chose Cornell because I like the cold, it is sixth in the country for computer science and has a business minor in the engineering school. I chose to [apply] ED [early decision] as it increased my chances [of being admitted] and I really loved the vibes from the campus and the students on both of my visits. I chose comp-sci as it opens up many opportunities in the growing industries of AI [artificial intelligence], financial technology and data sciences. I can go into business or technology and will hopefully not be without a job.”

Grace Hanlon – Fairfield University, History and Political Science

“I chose Fairfield University because of its Jesuit traditions and student engagement. I felt that the school embodies the same values as Trinity Hall, which was something I was really looking for during my college search. The classes are small and the students have personal relationships with their professors. Fairfield also has a very tight alumni network, so there are so many connections to jobs and graduate programs after graduation. As of now I plan on majoring in history and political science. I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was younger and these two majors will give me the crucial knowledge and writing skills I will need for law school, as well as being the two subjects I am most interested in. I cannot wait to start my career as a Stag in the fall!!”

Margaret Hough – Bard College, Anthropology


In the fall, Maggie H. will be heading to Bard College in New York. (Photo by Mary Kate Cashman)

“Next fall I am attending Bard College and I plan to study anthropology. I am most excited about being able to explore my interests through a new lens. Bard’s slogan is, “a place to think” and I am interested to learn their approach to thinking and relating it to my new experience and studies. I have no fear in this major step because I am confident this is the place I am meant to be.”

Annabelle Kaeli – Bucknell University, Market, Innovation and Design

“I chose Bucknell because I can really picture myself among the students there. It has the location, the atmosphere, the people, the major and the activities that I am interested in and want to experience in the next four years. I’m most excited to meet new people, be a part of a new team [crew] and compete in larger regattas and competitions. I am also looking forward to the college experience and starting the next phase of my life. I loved the coaches and the team culture. I have a friend from my crew team on the team there now and another friend from my current team is also going to be on the team next year, so it is all very friendly and familiar. It is also a really large team for a small school and there are so many girls dedicated to the same things I am. It is a really big support system.”

Adriana Masters – University of Scranton, Physical Therapy

“I chose to attend the University of Scranton because the moment I stepped on campus, I knew it was the place I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. I loved all the school spirit…and how welcoming everyone was. Scranton is also known for its physical therapy program, which was another reason why I decided to go there. I am very excited to meet new people and be able to grow as a person and an athlete. Everyone on the [swim] team is so hardworking and driven to succeed, which is the main reason I chose Scranton. The swim team has such a close bond [and] is so welcoming, and I am so excited to be swimming there.”

Caroline Meany – Boston College, Information Systems and Finance

“I chose Boston College for many reasons. First, they have a well-known business school that has produced a lot of successful graduates. I also wanted a school located in or near a major city, and Boston College is just outside of Boston. I visited the school multiple times and, after shadowing a student, I felt BC was definitely the school for me, so I decided to apply early decision. I am most looking forward to taking classes in subjects that I am really interested in. I haven’t really been able to take classes related to business in high school, so I am definitely looking forward to this in college!”

Katherine Perrone – University of Oregon, Architecture

“Ever since I was little, I have always been drawn to things that allow me to be creative. Through years of art electives and engineering classes, I have developed a deeper love for design. I have had the opportunity to attend multiple pre-college programs where I was exposed to college-level Architecture classes. I have formed such a large passion for architecture and could not be more excited to pursue this major at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks!”

Hailey Scarantino – University of Miami, Architecture

“The reason I chose the University of Miami is because it has always been my dream school and visiting the campus truly made me fall in love with the school even more. The University of Miami has all of the aspects that I looked for in a college, including different majors, clubs, sports, extracurricular activities, and warm weather! Similar to Trinity Hall, I felt the community was extremely welcoming, which was a major reason I loved the school so much. I decided to apply early because I knew that if I were to be accepted, I would pick the University of Miami over my other choices without any hesitation. I also knew that applying early decision would provide me with a better chance of being accepted. I chose architecture as my area of study because from a young age, I have always been interested in building and constructing things…I also knew I would be able to display my artistic abilities in this class!”

Shannon Smith – Villanova University, Business

“I chose to attend Villanova because I had already been really familiar with the school because of my brother going there and I always loved visiting the campus. I also knew they had an amazing business school as well as a great sense of community and school spirit. I am most excited to meet new people and have new opportunities. I decided to apply early decision because I knew I could picture myself there. Also, applying to the business school is very competitive, so displaying that commitment was really important to me.”

Maggie Ward – Baylor University, Marketing


Maggie W. will continue her education at Baylor University in Texas. (Photo by Mary Kate Cashman)

“I took a super match college quiz and Baylor was one of the schools that matched everything I wanted. At first, I was nervous about the distance, but I went to visit in September and I fell in love with it. I didn’t apply early decision but once I got the admissions decision, I was ecstatic and I knew there was no other school I wanted to be at. I am so excited for the school spirit and football games. There is so much excitement surrounding all of the games and the amount of school spirit is undeniable, and I am so excited!”

Caitlin Wingertzahn – College of William and Mary

“I chose William and Mary because, for me, it was the perfect balance of everything I wanted. It is one of the top academic schools in the nation in one of the top 10 athletic conferences, the campus is beautiful and I felt like part of something bigger than myself. I am most excited to see myself grow both on and off the [basketball] court. William and Mary is such a special place and I know that everyone who attends school there ends up doing great things, so I can’t wait to see where it brings me. What attracted me to William and Mary’s basketball program was the team chemistry. All of the girls genuinely cared about one another and the coaches made it clear that they want what is best for each girl individually to overall help the team. Their sense of community and family was something that I didn’t find anywhere because of how unique it is.”

Catherine Wright – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Through the busy but exciting recruitment process in my junior year, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to many great coaches and collegiate swimmers from many universities. I visited many colleges and went on a few officials [official visits]; however, during the first few hours of my official at UNC I knew this was the place for me. It was everything I was looking for: a family-oriented team, great academic opportunities, amazing facilities, etc. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of the UNC. I am thrilled to be able to swim for such an amazing team in the ACC Conference that has a rich history in both athletic and academic excellence. I am also so excited to officially be a Tar Heel and swim for a new coach who is a multiple Olympic medalist. One of the most important things I was looking for during my recruitment process was a family-oriented team….I also liked how determined and passionate they are about swimming, as am I. I cannot wait to swim with them for the next four years.”

Caitlin Ziec – Fairleigh Dickinson University, International Business

“I chose FDU because the moment I toured the campus I felt right at home. I loved the environment and everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. FDU has the international business program that I have been looking for, and I knew right away that I wanted to go there when I found out they have that major. It isn’t far from home so I will be able to stay in the state like I planned my whole life. I decided to apply early because this was my first option, and I wanted to know as soon as possible if I would be going to my top choice.”

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