Students Attend Macbeth Trip to New York City

By Meredith Farrington, Assistant Features Editor

More than 40 students, mostly members of the sophomore class, attended a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Metropolitan Opera Theatre in New York City on Sept. 28. 

At the venue, the students watched talented actors, actresses and singers perform the timeless play. Since the sophomores read Macbeth in their English I class last year, English teacher Samantha Puma organized the trip to provide a way for them to extend their knowledge of the play and see it represented in a visual way.


Students and faculty enjoy a night at The Met (The Metropolitan Opera Theater in New York City) to see the opera Macbeth on Sept. 28. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

“It was great to see Macbeth in a different format, and the music and set was amazing,” sophomore Melina Conhagen said. 

Both teachers and students alike enjoyed the event.If I could say one thing about the performance it would be that I thought the staging was incredible. The special effects were simple, but so effective,” theater teacher Ellen Phillips said. “From the crystal ball to the ribbons of blood to the amazing table at the banquet, I was wildly impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so proud of the respect and interest that our students gave to the evening.”

This show was different from previous Broadway trip offerings, such as Mean Girls and Anastasia, but students and faculty expressed an equal level of enthusiasm. Many girls, including sophomore Sarah Kaye, seemed to enjoy the opportunity to experience the prestigious venue, as well as have lots of fun during their night in the city. 

“It was such an amazing experience to see something as special as the Opera with my Trinity Hall community,” Kaye said. “Exposure like this is so unique and a great experience to have under my belt.”

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