Soccer Fan Day Excites Players and Fans

By Gabriella Sorrentino, Assistant Sports Editor

The school community came together for this year’s first fan day on Sept. 13, showing support for the soccer team as it played Monmouth Regional. 

A majority of the students arrived together via Trinity Hall buses and quickly filled the stands with their orange and blue apparel. Other students drove themselves, and a substantial amount of faculty and parents attended the match as well. When the game started, there were already more supporters than room to sit.

Chiusano 1.JPG

Students gather as a community on the first fan day of the year to cheer on the girls varsity soccer team in its night game against Monmouth Regional High School on Sept. 13. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

In the end, the team tied Monmouth Regional 1-1, with junior Vienna Chafart scoring the equalizing goal during the second half. 

“Scoring that goal, I felt like I was on cloud nine,” Chafart said. She credits much of her joy to the presence of everyone who attended the match. “The feeling of the whole school behind you and seeing the proud faces of my teammates was electrifying…the fact that the majority of the student body was there made it ten times sweeter.” 

The game finished after an additional 20 minutes of double overtime, bringing the total game time to just under two hours. This game was in many ways identical to last year’s fan day against the Monmouth team. Both were played at the same time, at the same field, and ended with a tied score after double overtime.   

For all of the similarities to the last game, however, one key difference was the lineup on the field. With the start of a new season, many girls who hadn’t been a part of last year’s team got to experience the excitement first hand, including sophomore defender Riley Giegerich. “I felt so excited during the game because of everybody there cheering us on,” she said.  

“I liked how people from all different grades showed up because I feel like it gave me an opportunity to connect [with them]… it was a super energetic atmosphere,” sophomore Caroline Cashman said.

This fan day set the bar high for others to come, and it brought together the school community for a memorable night.

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