First Fan Day Held Under the Lights

By Sydney Riepl, Features Editor

The community came out to support the soccer team in a game under the lights against nearby Monmouth Regional on September 14. The team ultimately tied with Monmouth Regional in double overtime with no goals scored.

The students, decked out in orange clothes and face paint, showed their support for the team. Some students took fan day a step further and made signs to individually cheer on the players.

“It was really amazing to see everyone in the community come together and cheer on the soccer team. We were certainly very loud and very proud,” junior Isa Murphy said.
Sophomore Meredith Sheftel felt similarly. “It was fun to see everyone as a community support the soccer team. We were all on the edge of our seats cheering for the Monarchs,” Sheftel said.


Fans support the soccer players on Sept. 14 in their game against Monmouth Regional. (Pictured from Left to Right: Carolyn L., Jane B., and Taryn M.) (Photo courtesy of Veronica Szenzenstein)

The chants from the student section were lead by the lioness mascot, embodied by junior Caitlin Wingerzhan. “I didn’t think anybody would be that into it but everyone was so hyped up. It was a lot of fun because everyone was so into the game. They really wanted the crowd to be hyped up and be supportive of the team so it really wasn’t hard to get people going and it was really fun to get people excited,” Wingertzahn said.

Players felt the excitement and support by the turnout for fan day as well. “Having the support of our classmates really pushed each of us to play our hardest. Even if we felt like we were tired, the cheering and constant energy the crowd [gave off] gave us the extra push to fight even harder than we thought possible,” junior Colleen Kelly said. “I know everyone on the team was thankful and proud to play in front of our friends, and it is definitely a game I know I will always remember.”

Freshmen experienced the tight-knit community and look forward to the following years of high school. “I look forward to being a part of Trinity Hall in the years to come. The soccer fan day really showed me what Trinity Hall was all about,” freshman Ciara Clifford said.

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