Online School Days Punish All

By Caitlin Ramos, Staff Writer

It is no secret that Trinity Hall students live very busy lives. With rigorous academics, competitive sports and various extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to find the time to get a good night’s sleep or spend quality time with family. Snow days and other days off provide perfect opportunities to catch up on sleep and relax, and online school only stands in the way. Online school work is often extensive, stressful and irritating, depriving students of fun they could be having if they were able to spend quality time with their families. The entire community would benefit if online school days were eliminated altogether.

Online school days often entail long hours of homework that students are required to complete, causing great anxiety to students as they try to finish all of their assignments before the deadlines. Some teachers assign more work than is typically accomplished in class; as a result, students spend more time working on their online assignments than they would have spent in class at school. Most online assignments end up requiring more than the allotted 45 or 75 minute periods, forcing students to work overtime in order to submit their work. Snow days should be a time to relax that students look forward to, and online school days have turned days off into dreaded hours of homework and stress.

Online school is also difficult for and unfair to the teachers who often have to rewrite their lessons or create new ones on very short notice, depriving teachers of adequate time to construct new online plans. Many members of the teaching staff have a family to care for, and online school days inconvenience all family members by forcing the teacher to scramble around and create new lessons hastily.

Many times, snow days occur between lessons. Teachers are stuck between giving work on the old topic and teaching the new one; consequently, the only assignments they are able to provide are inevitably busy work, which is unproductive and a waste of time.

Online school days consume the majority of the day, causing many missed opportunities for students. Snow days are the perfect chance to spend time with family and catch up on missed sleep, which are luxuries students may not have been able to experience otherwise because of their busy lives. Students could also use this time to get a jump start on work, complete projects or study for an exam. Juniors and seniors could take advantage of the day by preparing for the SAT or working on their college applications, making snow days the perfect opportunity to work on their futures. Conventional snow days are greatly anticipated and much needed days of relaxation and renewal.

Until the recent days of online technology, snow days were unavoidable, and students got the necessary rest that came with them. The advance of technology has caused an increase in expectations at the cost of the wellbeing of today’s students, as well as the faculty who could use a day off as well. The community as a whole could only benefit from the discontinuation of grueling online school days and the return to “good old snow days.”

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