Online School Days Keep the Year Going

By Lucy Retterer, Staff Writer

Due to snow days or unscheduled occurrences that keep students from attending school, most schools are forced to add many more days to their year. This can be irritating to students as summer approaches and school is still in full swing.

Trinity Hall, however, has online school days when weather or other circumstances prohibit students from learning on campus. On these days, students work from home to complete posted assignments and homework. These online school days are beneficial to the community because they ensure that classes do not fall behind yet still function as a day off.

The head of school, Mrs. Sciarrillo, sends an email before the online school day starts, stating the times of the class meetings and giving other important information. Teachers then have until 9 a.m. to post their assignments for the day. During the class meetings, attendance is taken and each student is able to ask questions to their teachers. Following their meeting, students have until 11:59 p.m. to complete their work. Some classes are able to meet through video chat, and teachers are available throughout the day to clarify assignments, so students do not have to worry about not understanding an assignment and not getting the help they need.

Online school days not only prevent the stress of doing double the work once returning to school, but also allow for a day off while not adding on any days to the end of the year. Students are able to sleep in an extra hour and can wear whatever they want throughout the day. Online school days are very flexible for students, so they can take breaks when they feel the need and can eat lunch or grab a quick snack whenever they see fit. While students still must complete all of their work, an online school day can be a relaxing break for a student to work at her own pace, comfortably complete all her assignments and possibly even catch up on other work as well.

Online school days are beneficial because they keep the community on schedule and allow students to work comfortably at their desired pace for the day.

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