Students Participate in Pegasus Production Company’s Fall Comedy

By Allie Witek, Staff Writer

After many weeks of preparation, The Pegasus Production Company at Christian Brothers Academy staged their fall play Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 with six shows on the weekends of Nov. 9 and Nov. 16. Several Trinity Hall students were involved with the production, both onstage and behind the scenes.

“I love working with the Trinity Hall students outside of school,” senior cast member Elizabeth Witek said. “It is so amazing to be able to bond with these girls wherever we go, and it’s even more amazing that we get to do so while doing what we love. We have all gotten so close through this show.”

All but one of the female cast members were Trinity Hall students, as juniors Julia Hallman, Sarah Maes, Angelica Niedermeyer and Shannon Smith all joined Witek on stage.  Even more Trinity Hall students sought out backstage crew opportunities, including seniors Anna Phillips and Allie Witek, junior Skye Loures and sophomores Michaela Horowitz, Haley Karinja, Kailey Totland, Lauren Ward and Dianna Whaley

“Not only did I learn how to talk to strangers professionally, but I also learned how to be a leader and how to direct people when necessary,” Totland said. “I’ve acquired construction skills, art skills, socialization skills, and I [learned] how to survive off little sleep for a week,” she said in reference to “tech week,” the demanding week leading up to opening night of the show, which was a comedy about a creative team who assembled a backers audition for a new musical while trying to scope out a murderer in the process.

Several students have worked on shows with Pegasus in the past, including Smith, whose brothers were involved with the company as well during their time as CBA students. “It’s always been a really great experience where I’ve learned so much about how so many aspects of a production come together,” she said.

Because the cast was in rehearsal for three months, it was not an easy goodbye to all of the work they had put into it but many were content with how the show ended up.

“I am so proud of all the work we have done over the past two months. It really paid off,” Smith said.

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