Students Stretch Their Horizons in “All Shook Up”

By Angelica Niedermeyer, News Editor, and Allie Witek, Staff Writer


Junior Julia H. performs as Natalie in “All Shook Up” at CBA on March 2. (Photo courtesy of Larry Levanti)

After many weeks of rehearsal, The Pegasus Production Company at Christian Brothers Academy debuted its spring musical, “All Shook Up,” during the first two weekends of March. Trinity Hall students expanded their high school theater experiences through involvement in the production, both onstage and behind the scenes, and showcased their hard work and talents to bring the show to fruition.

Cast members in the production included senior Allie Witek, juniors Julia Hallman, Sarah Maes, Angelica Niedermeyer and Shannon Smith, and sophomore Dianna Whaley. Backstage members included seniors Anna Phillips and Lizzie Witek, junior Skye Loures and sophomores Michaela Horowitz, Haley Karinja, Kailey Totland and Lauren Ward.

“‘All Shook Up’ was really a one-of-a-kind experience. Although I have been in theater since I was five years old, I had never been in a production that required such intense dancing before,” Whaley said. “As an actress, I believe this show has broadened my horizon and has shown me the potential I have.”

Although the show closed in the beginning of March, Pegasus competed in the Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival. In the competition, the tap number “Blue Suede Shoes,” which included Hallman, Maes and Niedermeyer, advanced to the state level.

“I had taken a tap class with our choreographer over the summer, and when she said we’d be tapping in ‘Blue Suede Shoes,’ I was so excited,” Hallman said. “Learning the number definitely wasn’t easy because tapping is really hard, especially when you’re still somewhat new to it, but our hard work definitely paid off. Receiving that recognition for this number is so exciting, and I can’t wait to be able to perform it again.”


Sophomore Lauren W. works behind the scenes for “All Shook Up” sets. (Photo courtesy of Larry Levanti)

Regardless of the onstage achievements, many of the students were new to the experience of tackling a production of this nature and content. In Pegasus, the sets, costumes, lighting, sound, music and acting is entirely student-run. Although this show is not widely produced at high schools because of its themes and size, students delivered their best work and learned throughout the process.

“‘All Shook Up’ was an amazing show that was different than any I’ve ever seen in local high school theatre. It tackled difficult themes such as sexuality, getting your heart broken and accepting yourself for who you are,” Loures said. “Helping with this production was a really good experience.”

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