School Year Opens With Grade-Level Trips

By Mary Kate Cashman, Editor-in-Chief

Class trips took place during the first week of school in September. Each grade went on a unique trip to help them start the year on a high note.

The freshmen traveled to Camp Bernie for bonding activities. Freshman Annaliese Heidelberger said the trip achieved its goal because she was able to get to know her classmates.

frosh camp Bernie 090618 SPuma (12)

Members of the Class of 2022 join together for an activity during their class trip to Camp Bernie on Sept. 6-7. (Photo courtesy of Samantha Puma)

“[The Camp Bernie trip] was really good for meeting my entire grade and just getting to know some new faces,” Heidelberger said. “I think it was important because now everyone has a shared experience, and everyone really liked it.”

The sophomore class toured five colleges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to give them an early look at some colleges while spending time reuniting with classmates.
“I didn’t know what to expect going in, and now I kind of know what school I want,” sophomore Emma Bradley said. “When we went to Villanova, they had their club fair going on, and it was a really cool experience to get to walk through, and I thought it was nice to get to see the whole community and everyone there.”

The junior class embarked on a longer college tour, visiting eight colleges and universities in upstate New York. This second round of college visits as a class helped many of them, including junior Maggie Ward, better define what they want in a school.

“Sophomore was a preview, so I kind of got to see what school I want, big or small. This year was narrowing my view [and thinking] ‘I like this school because,’ so I definitely got to see which schools I really enjoyed and I got to picture myself at certain schools,” Ward said. “I definitely liked to see the school spirit at some of them and the campuses, and if kids were outside and on the lawn and walking to class.”


The junior class joins Trinity Hall alum Nicole V. (center) on the campus of Colgate University during their college tour in early September. (Photo by Maya Gardner)

The senior class spent its final Trinity Hall trip together at Camp Bernie. They reflected and planned for the upcoming year while strengthening the bond they have created in the past three years.

“My favorite part of the trip was at the end of the night, when we were in a little circle, and we had a campfire,” senior Colleen Cusat said. “Although it was raining, we put a lantern in the middle, and we were all singing songs, and then we all started crying together while singing the songs because we realized that it’s our last year together and we wanted to make it special.”

Cusat said it was special to be able to reflect with her classmates. “I feel like we all reflected a lot at Camp Bernie and we got more connected with each other, and I think it was the closest we’ve ever been as a grade,” she said.

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