Trinity Hall Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

By Molly Clifford, Arts and Entertainment Editor

This school year, Trinity Hall welcomes eight new members to the faculty and staff: Chelsea Bollerman, Reina Guerrero, Kristen Mulhern Levitt, Matthew McCarthy, Niki Mendrinos, Cheryl O’Kelly, Alison Pugsley and Marta Rambaud. 

Bollerman, O’Kelly and Rambaud are the three new teachers this year. Bollerman, who is originally from Monmouth County, joins Trinity Hall as a Theology and integrated wellness teacher as well as the assistant cross country coach.

IMG_8401 (1)

From L to R: Marta Rambaud, Niki Mendrinos, Reina Guerrero, Cheryl O’Kelly, Chelsea Bollerman and Alison Pugsley joined the faculty and staff this fall. (Not photographed: Kristen Mulhern Levitt and Matthew McCarthy) (Photo by Alyssa Morreale)

“I am a firm believer in the all-girls Catholic education. The mission of this school, and its core values especially, really appealed to me,” said Bollerman, who previously taught at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland. 

Bollerman is also glad to be back teaching and coaching in Monmouth county. “Running the same courses I ran in high school allows me to have a shared experience with my students,” she said.

O’Kelly and Rambaud are the newest members of the STEM department. O’Kelly, a parent of two Trinity Hall alumnae, teaches Math II and Math III classes. “After my daughters graduated I knew I wanted to stay involved with Trinity Hall,” O’Kelly said. “So far it has been an easy transition because I feel so comfortable with Trinity Hall.”
Rambaud, who has taught high school physics and technology in addition to her many years of experience in engineering, will be teaching Engineering classes. “I see every young woman here engaged and active in their own learning experience and most of them not shy to take ownership of their own experience,” she said. “I believe in what it is being done here for education, and I can’t wait to make contributions to its continuing success.” 

Mendrinos and Guerrero are the new members of the “Awesome College Counseling” department, as they call it. Mendrinos, who has assumed the role of Director of College Counseling, brings more than 20 years of experience in college admissions, most notably at Temple University and most recently as vice president of enrollment management at Rosemont College.

Guerrero also previously worked in college admissions at Georgetown University and New York University as well as in independent schools as associate director of admissions at the Loyola School in New York City. Guerrero, a native of Bergen County, attended Cathedral High School, an all-girls Catholic school in midtown Manhattan. 

“Coming from an all-girls school myself, I have a soft spot for all-girls education, and I love the college process. This job seemed like a natural fit because college counseling has always been my career goal,” Guerrero said. “I can’t wait to see all of the seniors get into the colleges of their dreams. Seeing all of them achieve their goals is very exciting to me.”

Another addition to the community is Pugsley, the director of athletics, who has a decade of experience working with student-athletes at both the high school and collegiate level as a mental conditioning specialist at IMG Academy, as Director of Athletics at the Hewitt School in New York City and as an academic advisor for student-athletes at Fordham University.  Pugsley, who also played varsity soccer at the University of Richmond, is excited to bring her passion for and knowledge of athletics and sports psychology to Trinity Hall. 

McCarthy, who first joined the school community in 2018 as the head coach for varsity basketball, now serves a full-time development officer. In addition to his basketball expertise, McCarthy’s brings much experience in business development and sales that will contribute to the school’s fundraising efforts.

Levitt is just beginning her role in the counseling department, where she and counselor Alicia Zink will work closely with students wherever they seek guidance.

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