SAT Prep Helps Students To Succeed

By Logan Dziadzio, Opinions Editor

For students transitioning into their junior year of high school, life can be stressful. They are beginning to take more difficult AP classes and may be worrying about the college application process. In addition, they begin taking the SAT, which can entail many hours of studying. Having class time specifically designated to prepare for the most important test in the college application process is very beneficial to students who find themselves overwhelmed by the daunting year. It can be difficult to find the time outside of school to go to an SAT class while participating in sports and other activities, not to mention the additional expense of these prep classes.

The class that Trinity Hall provides for no additional fee is led by Christopher Cho using his curriculum Learning to Speak SAT. In his class, he focuses on giving students a wide range of questions to practice while he is there to help. He also gives tips that are not in his book yet because he is constantly taking the SAT and updating his curriculum. On his website,, there are Questions of the Week (QOTW), which give each student an opportunity to practice outside of class and get an explanation from the Answers of the Week (AOTW). If a student still doesn’t understand something from the QOTW or an explanation from the AOTW isn’t helping them enough, Cho is always available through Twitter and Snapchat. His constant availability and up-to-date curriculum is extremely helpful for the more stressed students who need answers quickly and can’t wait until the next class.

The class gives students ways to easily study on their own with specific skills for each type of question rather than having to take complete practice tests online. These helpful tips range everywhere between mantras (general tips to keep in mind while answering questions for each section) to specific tips for each question type on a given section. The student can decide what is most helpful for them to study and practice.

Attending the class can only help students, so juniors should take advantage of the opportunity to learn from an SAT professional with a set amount of class time provided by the school.

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