SAT Prep Course Should Be Optional for Juniors

By Alexa Sadowski, Sports Editor

Studying is a very personal task, and every student is allowed and encouraged to study for tests and quizzes in their own individual way. Some prefer flashcards or Quizlets, while others use videos or fun note pages with drawings and diagrams. Some students like to study in groups or with a teacher, while others need a perfectly quiet environment.

Different brains and different types of students are the reason for these various study habits. So why should the junior class have to attend a class that doesn’t seem useful for them?

As students, our time is valuable. We wake up early in the morning, spend seven hours in school, go to athletic or play practices, come home and spend 2-5 hours on our homework. So, that 45 or 75 minute period two times a week that is dedicated to something as important as the SAT is helpful. For some students, however, the current form of prep offered is seen as a waste of time.

As juniors, we are about to enter into our college years, and many of us have the skills and maturity to take command of our work. We know what needs to get done, how we want to do it, and at what times.

Some students respond well to Christopher Cho’s program Learning to Speak SAT, which consists of a very analytical method of studying various question types and learning tricks for them. Other students, however, have determined it is not the best or most efficient way for them to prepare after getting a taste of it during the spring term of sophomore year. Some students already have tutors on the weekends or have set up the Khan Academy SAT program, both of which are better tailored to their needs. They see that these options already fulfill their need for SAT prep and would prefer to spend their much-needed study halls in school on their homework instead of additional SAT prep.

Should juniors be required to attend the SAT prep course offered at school? The answer: it should be up to the student to decide.

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