New Clubs Expose Students to Cultures and Careers

By Mary Kate Cashman, News Editor

Recently two new clubs, the French club and Pre-Medicine club, have formed, giving students additional opportunities to explore their interests outside of the classroom setting.

The French club was founded by sophomore Colleen Kelly, who wanted to expose students to another culture. “I’ve seen a lot of cultural clubs at other high schools and heard how fun it was that French speakers and non-French speakers were able to come together to celebrate something that’s so exciting,” Kelly said.



The French club members load fruit and Nutella on crêpes during meeting on Feb. 9. (Photo by Mary Kate Cashman)

During meetings, club members watch a TV drama set in the Brittany region of France called L’accident. Students also make various French dishes such as crêpes and fondue.

Kelly said that she was pleasantly surprised by the turnout at the initial meetings. “I thought no one was going to show up, but we have a lot of girls and it keeps on growing every single meeting. I’m really excited because it seems to have a lot of interest, and I know that will continue to grow as we get more and more students at Trinity Hall,” Kelly said.

Senior McKayla Quinn-Steineke said that she sees the Francophone world from a new perspective after participating in the French club. “The French club has changed my perception of the French world by giving me a new glimpse into the French lifestyle through the series that we are watching.”

With a solid base of members, the future looks bright for the French club. “For the future, I see us using more time by maybe becoming an afterschool club, or continue to stay during lunch and really get in-depth into the culture of France and really explore,” Kelly said. “Hopefully we can take a couple trips as well.”

For those who prefer medicine over linguistics, the Pre-Medicine club, founded by sophomore Alessandra Arege and freshman Victoria Grosso, allows students to get a taste of the medical field. “I know that I’m interested in going into a medical field when I finish high school and college, and I know that a lot of other people are also, so I thought it was a good way to start getting people more interested and teach them more of what they should be preparing for in the future,” Arege said.

The club participates in a diverse range of activities to introduce students to both medical science and healthcare. “We’ve done a kahoot so far about basics and we’re planning on learning about CPR, the path to med school, the systems in the body and playing surgical simulation games or even maybe watching a surgery on YouTube,” Arege said.

Through the Pre-Medicine club, freshman Courtney Cushman discovered an appreciation for medicine. “Before I joined pre-med club, I wasn’t really interested in anything having to do with the medical field at all except for watching Grey’s Anatomy, but I thought it would be interesting to see what the club was like. After I went to a couple of the meetings, I had a very different view of the medical field.”

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