Christmas Concert Makes Music Magic

By Leighton Van Wagner, Staff Writer

Students from the glee club, instrumental club and chorus showcased their musical abilities for the community on the evening of Dec. 12 at the second annual Christmas Concert. Many teachers, students, and family members attended to support the musicians and enjoy the variety of hot chocolate options offered.

The first half of the show included nine acts from the chorus and instrumental groups, with several students performing solos. Senior Maggie Hough and sophomore Hannah Bates were featured in “He Shall Feed His Flock,” sophomore Lydia Lu used her opera talents for a solo in “Laudate Dominum” and sophomore Sofia Ranucci sang on her own on “Oh Night Divine.” 

In between performances, students shared spiritual readings, enhancing the traditional atmosphere of the Christmas festivities.


Students from glee club, instrumental club, and chorus performed at the second annual Christmas Concert the night of Dec. 12. (Photo by Mary Kate Cashman)

The second act was filled with even more solo and group pieces, including junior Morgan Kogan’s guitar rendition of “White Christmas” and sophomores Bates, Caroline Cashman and Nora Phillips’ performance of “What Child is This?” After these individual and small group acts, the glee club sang “Believe.” The night came to a close when the members of the chorus, instrumental and glee clubs worked together to perform “Silver Bells.” 

These musical groups have experienced significant growth since the first Christmas Concert last year, which translated to the more advanced musical capabilities of all groups. 

“Instrumental has gotten bigger, so we’ve been able to play songs that we haven’t been able to perform in past years because we have more people,” Kogan said. 

Junior Faith King, a singer in the chorus, credits the group’s musical improvement to the participation and hard work of students from all grades when faced with more rigorous material. “We have great senior leadership and the underclass folks really stepped up to the plate and learned a lot of challenging harmonies and songs in general,” King said. “Overall, I think it went very well, and I’m so happy for everyone and all the work they put in.”

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