Volleyball Team Puts Finishing Touches of Best Season Ever

By Mairead Mark, Sports Editor

The volleyball teams are currently closing out the best season in the program’s history with varsity at a record of 6-15, while the JV team continues to improve, beating Point Pleasant Beach earlier this week. Under varsity coach Carol Moser and JV coach Stephen Baldo, the teams have an increased in size, skills and enthusiasm, making Trinity Hall volleyball known in the Shore Conference.

“The first year I was here, the girls knew absolutely nothing about volleyball. Not only were the facilities a challenge, but just getting the girls together,” said Moser.

Now, the team is earning more wins and giving scares to competitors whose teams are quite established. Senior team captain Jackie Fletcher has been playing volleyball for all four years and is amazed at how much they’ve progressed as a team.

“Spending so many hours with these girls every week really created such a strong bond between us to the point where if someone on the team has a really good dig or block, we will literally all jump up in excitement for that person,” Fletcher said.

earle - MW

Senior Madeline E. goes up for a block with teammate Jackie F. backing her up in a home match. (Photo by Melissa Whelan)

Fletcher leads the team with 53 digs and a 94% serving percentage while her classmates Madeline Earle leads with 56 kills and 22 blocks, and Sophia Bellavia leads with 69 assists. Sophomore Ryen Miller leads the team in aces with 62.

Under their leadership, the team has come a long way in terms of winning games and matches, too. “The first year [in] varsity [competition], we didn’t win any matches, last year we only won two, and now we’re at five,” Moser said, adding that their last two matches of the season are very winnable. “We don’t have any juniors on the varsity team, so I’m hoping as Trinity Hall grows, we will continue to grow as well…We’ll only get better and better.

The sense of community and camaraderie among both teams seems to be the driving force that pushes the pace of progression. “Having such a nice community within a community across all the different grade levels is really nice because I probably wouldn’t be close with some of these girls if it wasn’t for volleyball,” Fletcher said.

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Ryen Miller

miller vball - MW

Sophomore Ryen Miller has gained recognition on a statewide list of top 20 ace leaders. In fact, as of Oct. 13, Miller has climbed her way up to the 8th place spot with 62 aces so far this season. She is very excited to be recognized among athletes from top athletic programs.
“To receive this recognition means a lot to me and the team as a whole,” Miller said. “I truly believe the team by my side for each game really helped me persevere and strive for this goal. Without them I would not have been able to receive this type of recognition or have the opportunity to achieve such a task.”
Coach Moser agrees Miller’s recognition is a huge influence. “I think the team is now all much more interested in their stats! I don’t think they realized that their stats were among the state and they are truly obtainable for recognition,” Moser said.
Miller believes this achievement is only the beginning for Trinity Hall’s accolades in the volleyball world. “I hope in the further years we grow and can surpass greater goals throughout each step of the way,” Miller said. (Photo by Melissa Whelan)

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