New Faculty and Staff Join Trinity Hall

By Grace Child, Assistant News Editor

The Trinity Hall community welcomed nine new faculty members this year. Christina Advento, Sara Britton, Chester Chu, Miranda DeRobertis, Lana Ignatov, Michael Kabash, John Polivka and Cindy Sobieski are talented professionals who bring new ideas and energy to the community. 

Sara Britton joins Trinity Hall as Communications Coordinator. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Britton is the school’s new Communications Coordinator, which is a new position established this year. As Communications Coordinator, Britton will help to keep people updated on what’s happening in the community through social media and the school’s website. 

Britton knows what it means to be a part of an all-girls school first hand. “I graduated from an all-girls Catholic middle and high school, so I personally know how great it is to be part of a community like Trinity Hall,” Britton said. 

DeRobertis, the school’s new athletic trainer, helps student-athletes to stay healthy and recover from injuries. During this year of unprecedented obstacles, DeRobertis is dedicated to making sure that Trinity Hall athletics can be as successful as possible. 

“I am excited about doing everything we can to keep athletics up and running. This year comes with its own challenges, but with teamwork I truly believe we can have a great athletic year,” DeRobertis said.

The school’s health team also welcomed Lana Ignatov, who joins Susan Almeida as the school’s new nurse.  

Athletic trainer Miranda DeRobertis and school nurse Lana Ignatov are new to the school’s health team. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Advento has more than 20 years of international teaching experience, as she has worked in  international and American schools in Cairo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Over the years, she has taught many Humanities subjects, but she will be focusing on AP English Language and AP Psychology this year. 

An experienced physics and chemistry teacher, Chu is teaching AP Physics C and Physics I this year. Before becoming an educator, Chu worked in physics education research after earning his Ph.D. in physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in chemistry and B.A. in physics and applied mathematics at University of California, Berkeley.

Polivka, who is teaching Math II to freshman and sophomores, is beginning his teaching career at Trinity Hall after a successful 25-year career at Morgan Stanley where he managed a global information technology department. He earned his B.S. in Polymer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and his M.B.A. in Finance at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, and recently completed the NJ alternate route preparation program to become a certified math teacher.

Head golf coach Cindy Sobieski becomes a full-time faculty member this year as an English teacher. (Photo by Elea Chiusano)

Michael Kabash is also not new to the Trinity Hall community, as he previously taught World History but returns this year to serve as technology coordinator, providing valuable support for all of the school’s tech needs. Kabash holds a Masters in Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in History with a Minor in Music from Loyola University in Baltimore.

Sobieski is not new to Trinity Hall, as she is the returning golf coach, but she is new to the school’s classrooms this year where she is teaching English I and II. Sobieski, who earned a B.A. in English and Secondary Education and an M.A. in Educational Leadership: Instruction, both from The College of New Jersey, has a decade of English teaching experience in a variety of grade levels. In addition to coaching golf, Sobieski is also the sailing coach this year. 

The newest member of the faculty and staff is Heather Van Ness who joins Lisa Calandrino in the front office. Her prior experience operating the front desk at a medical office will allow her to provide essential administrative support.

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