Juniors Place in the Top 20 of National Coding Competition

By Meredith Sheftel, Layout Editor

Juniors Isabella Giallanza, Maggie Jordan, Caitlin Ramos and Hannah Wietzke put their coding and computer science knowledge to the test to compete in the National Championship of the Girls Go Cyberstart coding competition from May 20 and 21.

Coding Competition

Juniors (clockwise from top right) Maggie J., Caitlin R., Hannah W. and Isabella G. placed 18th out of 276 teams in the National Championship of the Girls Go Cyberstart coding competition from May 20 and 21. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

Girls Go Cyberstart is an organization that advocates for high school girls’ participation in code. They hold numerous competitions throughout the year for cash prizes, and the National Championship titled “Cyberstart Compete” invites the top scoring team from each state to compete for up to $400 per team member. After competing for the first time, the team of juniors made it to the national level to place 18th out of 276 teams. 

The inaugural team’s experience was just as rewarding as the results of the competition. “It not only allowed me to experience more difficult code and prompts but also to work in a team setting for the first time, which is a unique yet interesting experience,” Wietzke said. 

After experiencing coding through a competitive lens, the team was able to use their passion for computer science in a fun, challenging environment. “Girls Go Cyberstart was an incredible opportunity to discover the world of cyber security from a fun and creative standpoint,” Ramos said. Since the team is composed of all juniors, they are excited for the competition next year. 

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