Father-Daughter Topgolf Hits Expectations

By Eleanor O’Connor, Staff Writer, and Morgan Kogan, Assistant News Editor

The Fathers’ Committee hosted a Dads and Daughters Topgolf event in Edison on Feb. 9, which featured competitive games and enjoyable bonding opportunities. The games resulted in a winning duo and provided girls and their fathers with an evening of fun.


Freshman Delia M. enjoys bonding with her father during the Fathers’ Committee TopGolf event on Feb. 9. (Photo by Morgan Kogan)

Girls and their fathers were paired with other duos and played games against one another before their overall scores were compared with the rest of those at the event. Before the festivities began, however, Head of School Mary Sciarrillo took the first swing.


“My favorite part of the event was watching Mrs. Sciarrillo get the event started with her first few shots,” senior Riley Francese said. “It’s always so nice to see Mrs. Sciarrillo coming to these events.”

Students had fun regardless of previous golf experience. “It was challenging, but I think that is what made it so fun,” freshman Michelle McCabe said. 

Skilled golfers enjoyed the event as well and often came out on top. Winning duos of each game included sophomore Anna Clements, a member of the golf team, and her father, Dave Clements, and senior Kelsey Cooper and her father, Fred Cooper. 

“I would definitely do it again because I had such a great time,” Clements said.

At the end of the night, many girls were appreciative of the opportunity to spend time with their fathers and their friends. 

“I loved bonding with my dad and my friends,” sophomore Caitlin Bermingham said.

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