Disciplinary Action Makes Things Happen

By Lucy Retterer, Staff Writer

A seam ripper is a simple sewing tool that is used to cut and remove thread from clothing. You would expect to find one in the Crowning Crew’s supplies, but there has been recent talk that a seam ripper is going to be used for reasons other than costume making.

It’s no secret that there have been issues with the dress code. Even though the uniform consists of a variety of options (ranging from fleeces to different colored socks and even slacks), some girls still do not wear the proper uniform. Common attire that violates the dress code includes college sweatshirts, sweatpants, white socks, sneakers and overly short skirts. 

Head of School Mary Sciarrillo has spoken countless times at community meetings about the importance of wearing the uniform, and while there has been a decrease in the presence of nonuniform items, high hems on skirts remain a major issue. To address this problem, some penalties have been put in place. The most notable of these is spending a lunch period with Dean for Student Life Melissa Whelan, where students sit and eat their lunch silently in a classroom for the duration of the 45 minute-lunch period. 

While it has not yet occurred, students have been advised if they continue to attend school in skirts that do not meet the dress code, a seam ripper might be used to enforce the rule. Students would have to seam-rip the extra inches from the bottom of their skirt hem and then continue the rest of the school day enduring comments from other students about why their skirt seems a bit ragged. While this form of discipline may be strange or irritating for students, it would be worth it. 

“It’s important for students to consistently be in uniform because, if not, it shows disrespect,” junior Jenna Falconite said. “Being out of uniform breaks the bond within our community and it’s not fair to other students.” 

It becomes frustrating to girls who wear the correct uniform everyday to constantly hear about this topic at community meetings, as they know they’re not the ones who are breaking dress code.

The solution to the presence of non-uniform attire is disciplinary action. If girls don’t want retribution, they will need to wear the proper uniform; it’s that simple. These measures will finally lead to fairness for the girls who have been following the dress code since day one, unify the community and create a sense of commitment. And if students have such an issue with the uniform, specifically their skirt, that they absolutely refuse to seam rip their hem, there is always the option to wear slacks.

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