Students Start New School Year With Annual Class Trips

By Maggie Crowe, Staff Writer

In keeping with tradition, the 2019-2020 school year began with all four grades departing for their annual class trips on Sept. 5.

The freshmen class, led by Dean for Student Life Melissa Whelan, traveled to Camp Bernie where they enjoyed bonding activities and camping. Freshman Leah Marchetti spoke about her experience of getting to connect with all of her classmates. “My favorite part was the ice cream social because we all got to sit together while enjoying ice cream,” she said.  


The Class of 2023 bonded through a variety of activities, including ropes courses, ziplining and a campfire, at Camp Bernie in Port Murray, NJ from Sept. 5-6. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

Dean for Academics Alyssa Morreale led the sophomores on a college preview trip to Pennsylvania, where they toured five universities. In addition, the students watched a women’s soccer game at Villanova University. Sophomore Cara Grabowski felt the trip was beneficial because she was able to compare a variety of college campuses. “I liked getting to know the feel of a college campus,” she said. “Seeing the different schools helped me realize what makes them all unique.”  

The junior class went on a three-day college tour, led by new college counselors Niki Mendrinos and Reina Guerrero, that included eight universities in Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C. In addition to exploring college options, the students spent one evening watching the University of Maryland’s women’s soccer team play a match and another on a nighttime ghost tour in the center of Washington, D.C. “I thought the ghost tour was the most fun because it was very informative and exciting,” junior Eva DeVizia said.


The junior class tours Georgetown University during its college tours around the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas on Sept. 5-6. (Photo courtesy of Trinity Hall)

“The entire trip was great,” fellow junior Jackie Drudy said. “It was really helpful to see so many different schools, and it was fun to travel to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.”

The senior class traveled to the John Paul II Youth Retreat Center for their trip, which was a spiritual retreat led by Campus Minister Sister Mariann Mahon and English teacher Samantha Puma. The retreat is an opportunity for the seniors to focus on their individual relationships both with God and with one another. The trip serves as an introduction to the seniors’ final year, while also reminding them of their first camping trip as freshmen. 

“I really enjoyed the senior trip,” senior Kiley Cizin said. “I thought it was a really nice way for our senior class to reflect before getting into all of our work and all of the stress surrounding college. It was a way for us to talk about what we want to accomplish in our senior year.”

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