Class of 2019 Share Plans for College

By Sydney Riepl, Features Editor In total, the 22 members of the Class of 2019 were accepted to accepted into 74 different colleges and universities and were awarded more than $4.6 million in merit-based academic scholarships. While eight of them chose their colleges earlier this year (see article here), the other 14 students made their decisions this  spring. The Trinity Hall Tribune spoke with several of those seniors to find out more about their college choices and their goals for next four years.


Grace K. and Katie V. will be attending Boston College this fall. (Photo courtesy of Lynn Retterer)

Abigail Devine – Dartmouth College, Theater and Government

“One aspect I’m really excited for about my college is the D-plan. The D-plan is a super flexible quarter system that lets you pick which of the three quarters you want to be in school and which you want to be your off term (or “summer break”). This is very different from the traditional trimester system plus summer that I’m used to, so I can’t wait to start using the D-plan.”

Olivia Ferrigine – College of the Holy Cross

“A huge part of why I chose Holy Cross is that the community feels so much like a family. Honestly, it felt like Trinity Hall, and I know that when something feels that special I should chase after it. So I did.”

Hope Maguire – Lafayette College, Engineering

“I will be attending Lafayette college in the fall and I plan on studying engineering. Aside from meeting new people, I am most excited for all the different sports games and the Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry!”


Members of the Class of 2019 celebrate their college decisions with Director of College Counseling Christina Bergamo (center). (Photo courtesy of Melissa W.)

Kelsey O’Kelly – University of Virginia

“I am really excited about attending college. I am excited to attend all of the football, basketball, and lacrosse games since UVA has done so well this year. I can only hope they do as well next year. Wahoowa!!”

Kathryn Ortenzio – Virginia Tech, General Engineering

“I am attending Virginia Tech as a General Engineering major. I am very excited for the great academic and social aspects that Virginia Tech has to offer. I am especially ready to learn more about a subject that has always been of interest to me throughout high school.”

Hannah Reynolds – University of Notre Dame, Mechanical Engineering

“I am super excited to be attending the University of Notre Dame next year, and right now I am planning on studying mechanical engineering. The aspect of Notre Dame which I love the most is that the first time I walked on campus, I immediately felt welcomed and at home. I am most excited to join the Fighting Irish family because it is such a supportive community that all believe in the same mission and represent the Notre Dame legacy. I cannot wait for all of the amazing opportunities Notre Dame has to offer and to start this new chapter.”

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