Seniors Begin Finalizing Their College Decisions

By Olivia Almeida, Staff Writer  

“Tis the season” for early decision college acceptances! The Class of 2019 has begun to receive early decision and early action acceptance letters from universities and colleges, and some have already committed to their top choice schools. Out of 22 seniors, eight have enrolled after being accepted early decision or early action. 

Director of College Counseling Christina Bergamo has been updating her blog “College Corner,” providing the community with a list of all the colleges the seniors have been accepted to.

The Trinity Hall Tribune spoke with the seniors who have already committed to college to gain insight on the early application process and their final decisions.

Kelly Cusick, New York University

“I am very excited because I have wanted to go to NYU ever since I found out they ha[ve] the dramatic writing program because that is really what I want to focus on, so I am really excited to get started in the program and get into the real world. I am really happy I am done applying and decided to do early decision because I am secure in my decision and there is nowhere else I want to go.”


(Left to Right) Lizzie W., Kelly C., and Grace K. stand with their lockers that classmates decorated. (Photo courtesy of Anna Phillips)

Grace Kenney, Boston College

“For the next four years, I will attend Boston College studying in the Lynch School of Education. As cliche as it is, I realized I wanted to go to Boston College after visiting the campus. The emphasis on community, education of the whole person, faith, and school spirit appealed to my values, and I could picture myself as a student there. Additionally, the girls I already knew at BC were admirable to me, and I knew that BC would instill those qualities in me. I am looking forward to attending games as well as the exploring opportunities Boston has to offer. I can’t wait to be an eagle!”

Taryn McKeever, Nazareth College

I am going to be playing D3 soccer and although it is only D3, the girls on the team put their hearts out onto the field. I am very excited but also nervous, especially for my first preseason, since it will definitely be a lot more intense than high school and will determine my position and playing time. Although it is scary, I am very excited to play with girls who have the same love for the sport as me!”

Grace Niro, Villanova University

“I have always had the thought of Villanova in my head because a lot of my family members have gone there and when I learned they had the program I liked, it was a given. The atmosphere [is] kind of the same as Trinity Hall: community based and with a lot of school spirit. I am looking forward to my dream program of criminology.”

Anna Phillips, George Washington University

“I am probably most excited about being in DC. There is a lot of stuff happening in the city, and I am excited to be in a school where all of the programs revolve around my interests. Overall, the city campus is what really made my decision easy.”

Katie Venezia, Boston College

I chose Boston College because of the Jesuit Community, the school spirit, and the academic opportunities. I am majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in English at the Lynch School of Education. I am most looking forward to exploring Boston and meeting new people! It feels amazing to be done with the college process and seeing all my work paying off. And I want everyone that’s in the college process to be assured that everything will work out in the end!”

Alexandra Witek, Emerson College


(Left to Right) Anna P., Allie W., Taryn M., Grace N., and Katie V. smile with their college-decorated lockers. (Photo by Grace Kenney)

It feels SO good to be done. I was personally really stressed, but Mrs. Bergamo made everything so much easier. I’m so happy that everything worked out, and I got into my top school. I have wanted to go Emerson College since I was a freshmen. People look at me like I am crazy when I say that, but it’s true! Every school I looked at I compared to Emerson. My mom grew up in Massachusetts and went to school actually across from where mine is in Boston, so I know the area really well. The school itself is in an amazing location, and the facilities are incredible. I also know a lot of people who go to school there already, and I am really excited to become part of the student body. I am so excited to be following my passion at my dream school. I can’t wait to learn as much as I can, and to make as many connections as possible to launch my future career. There are so many jobs in my particular field, and I can’t wait to explore everything I can get my hands on.”

Elizabeth Witek, Muhlenberg College
It feels unreal to be committed honestly. I know that I am one of the lucky ones to know where I’m going. I can now truly enjoy the rest of senior year and focus on the memories and not the application stress. I am mostly looking forward to auditioning to potentially be in the mainstage productions and in an a cappella group on campus. I am nervous to be leaving home, but I am really excited to have the flexibility to do everything I want in college and basically start a new chapter in life! At Muhlenberg, I will be getting my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Within this degree, I am concentrating in acting and directing. I hope that in my future, I will be able to teach theatre to high schoolers and possibly direct professionally as well.”

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