Incoming Freshmen Prepare for High School

By Meredith Farrington, Staff Writer

The academic council held its first Bridge to High School event for incoming freshmen on April 3. The event, which included a variety of academic and social activities, was organized by senior council president Hannah Reynolds, council advisor Nicole Sadowski and Head of Admissions and Advancement Theresa Kiernan.

Bridge to High School served as an introduction to a Trinity Hall education for approximately 80 accepted students with the goal of easing the transition from eighth grade to freshman year both socially and academically.


Senior Hannah R. welcomes incoming freshmen during the Bridge to High School event held at Trinity Hall on April 3. (Photo by Veronica Szenzenstein)

“Every school and every student have different levels of proficiency in various academic subjects, so the goal of the Bridge to High School event was to provide an accurate representation of what their academic careers would be like at Trinity, as well as excite them about starting at a new school,” sophomore council representative Leighton Van Wagner said.

Van Wagner also explained that the event helped incoming students better prepare for the school’s unique curriculum, which could be challenging in the transition from middle school to high school.

“I was really happy to help put together the first Bridge to High School event because I remember how nervous I was on my first day at Trinity Hall, not knowing what to expect in my different classes,” Van Wagner said. “Especially for girls who are coming from non-Catholic schools, theology class can seem daunting.”

Bridge to High School seemed to be a hit among current and future Trinity Hall students. “I think the Bridge to High School was a great success” Reynolds said. “The girls really seemed to have a great time and by the end of it I think they had a better understanding of what Trinity Hall academics are all about.”

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