Maroon 5 Gave a Unique and Exciting Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Logan Dziadzio, Opinions Editor

The LIII Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show was exceptional and one of the best halftime performances yet. The show consisted of a headline performance done by an extremely successful group, collaborations between different music groups spanning many different yet popular music genres, an interesting drone light show and a guest appearance from the beloved characters of a classic childhood TV show.

With all of the controversy surrounding the Super Bowl Halftime show this year, Maroon 5 was a low risk decision. Maroon 5 proved to be right for the show by performing many popular hits while making no major mishaps. Overall, Maroon 5 has been a very successful group throughout the years. According to Billboard, Maroon 5 has had four number one songs and 29 top 100 hits. “My favorite part was when they sang ‘This Love’ because it’s always been a song that I loved and I thought it was a lot of fun,” sophomore Gabriella Sorrentino said.

The addition of performances by Travis Scott, Big Boi and the Atlanta choir only enhanced Maroon 5’s show. Travis Scott’s number one hit, “Sicko Mode,” featured lively dancing done by the performers. Big Boi showed up with a grand entrance and an equally exciting performance. The many artists from different genres allowed the show to have a uniqueness that previous halftime shows have not had. “Travis Scott and Big Boi’s music balanced out the sound of Maroon 5 perfectly,” junior Francesca Dodaro said.

The show even included an appearance from the characters of the popular TV show SpongeBob SquarePants. The clip honored the late creator of the 20-year-running series, which was similar to Justin Timberlake’s performance of Purple Rain to honor Prince during the LII Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show.


The drone lights gave a colorful display during the Super Bowl LIII halftime show on Feb. 3. (Photo courtesy of

Throughout the show, lights played a major role in the aesthetics of the performance. The most breathtaking part was the drone light show during Maroon 5’s classic “She Will Be Loved,” which peaked at number five according to Billboard. This part of the light show featured the crowd holding lanterns with positive messages written on them while the drones mimicked the movement and lighting of floating lanterns.

Sorrentino was also impressed by this aspect of the show. “I loved when they sent up all the lanterns because I thought it was beautiful to see and a cute idea,” she said. The best part of the lights, however, was when they formed the words “One Love” in the sky, which made it an unforgettable performance.

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