Students Showcase Their Talents in the Evening of Fine Arts

By Allie Witek, Staff Writer

The creative arts council hosted the third annual Evening of Fine Arts on Feb. 2. Over 40 students performed, with representatives from the glee club, dance club, instrumental group, and chorus, as well as other duets and solos. Students also donated pieces of artwork, both from arts classes and individual projects, which were featured around the commons.

Each year, the creative arts council, led by senior Hailey Hartnett and advised by theatre teacher Ellen Phillips and art teacher Erin Straine, works hard to plan this event.


Senior Anna B. admires student artwork on display in the Commons at the Evening of Fine Arts on Feb. 2. (Photo by Brigid Clifford)

“When the council and I are planning the event we’re thinking about people that have an interest in the arts but don’t necessarily try out for the show and don’t take arts classes so they can still have an outlet to showcase what they are capable of,” Hartnett said.

In addition to providing a creative outlet for all students, another goal of the council was to increase participation – both in the audience and on the stage. Students earned three Royal Rumble points for performances and art entries, and one point Royal Rumble for attending. In the past, the Evening of Fine Arts was held during finals week, but the council chose to host it in February to decrease students’ stress and provide for more convenient scheduling. They also strategically plan the event so it doesn’t interfere with rehearsals for the musical.

Senior Olivia DeNicola found the Royal Rumble points to be an added bonus to an already enjoyable experience. “I was really impressed by what I saw from the dancing to the singing, and I even discovered a new instrument! I didn’t necessarily go [to the event] for the [Royal Rumble] point, but it was really nice to help out my team because I planned to go anyway,” DeNicola said.


Sophomores Maggie H. and Grace S. perform at the Evening of Fine Arts on Feb. 2. (Photo by Brigid Clifford)

This event was especially monumental for one of the co-leaders of the dance club, senior Courtney Vadon, as this was the club’s debut to the community. In the weeks leading up to the Evening of Fine Arts, the dance club spent a lot of time rehearsing, meeting three times a week throughout the month of January.

“The dance club took a year off last year, so I was really excited to perform our dances again in front of the Trinity Hall community. Bringing dance club back into the Evening of Fine Arts added diversity to the performances and showed that Trinity is made up of well-rounded performers,” Vadon said.

Hartnett is hopeful that, in future years, the creative arts council will continue to host the Evening of Fine Arts. “I absolutely hope this is something that will last well beyond my four years here,” Hartnett said.

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